One in the same (Donnie x Reader)

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You walked through school keeping your head down. You were one of the girls who was considered a dork. You were beautiful, strong, fit, and fun, but you were a straight A student. They picked on you for it. They said things like, 'She's just trying to copy all of the popular girls. I bet underneath she's just as nerdy as all of the other straight A girls.' You hated it. It made you feel like you weren't all around amazing, but you were. You just had a hard time taking everything they said and did.

Luckily, it was time to go home. You walked home alone and suddenly you heard something. Before you could hurry onward you were grabbed and pinned against a wall in an alley. You stared at a group a three guys. You knew who they were. The Purple Dragons. You knew they were trouble.

"What do we have here?" One asked.

"Been a while since I've seen a girl this beautiful." Another said. You glared at them.

"Leave me alone!" You shouted.

"Aw come on. We just wanna have some fun is all." The one you assumed was the leader said.

"Get away from me creeps!" You growled. 

"Not this time." He said. You screamed out for anyone to help you. "Nobody's gonna here you." He said. Suddenly he was hit in the face with a staff. You were released but before you could see what was going on one of them blindfolded you and pushed you into the wall. They'd also made you sit down ad tied your hands behind your back. You struggled to get the rope loose. You heard fighting and listened as you tried to free yourself.

"Picking on girls now. That's a new low for you three." You heard a brave voice say.

"The turtles!?" You heard another voice say.

"Screw it! Let's get outta here!" Another said. You heard them run away and still tried to get free.

"That was easy." Another more cocky sound voice said.

"Uh guys, if I may remind you she's right there." A third voice said.

"And I can hear everything your saying." You said. "Now, CAN SOMEBODY UNTIE ME PLEASE?!"

"Your up Donnie." The second voice said.

"Why me!?" The third said.

"I no longer care if Justin Bieber is the one that unties me, JUST DO IT ALREADY!" You retorted.

"Sorry." The third said. The ropes came off and you took off the blindfold. Your eyes widened as you spotted for mutant turtles. 

"Guess that explains why they said turtles." You said with an amused grin.

"Wait your not afraid of us?" One in a blue mask asked.

"Well you stopped the people attacking me so shouldn't I be thanking you?" You said. They smiled at you. Well, all except the one wearing a red mask. 

"Sweet! Another human that doesn't mind us!" The one in the orange mask said. You smiled.

"I look at what's on the inside." You said. "You guys are obviously nice and I think it's unfair that people don't see that." You said. They smiled.

"Wow! She's awesome! Can she come and hang out Leo?" The orange masked one asked the blue one.

"I don't think so Mikey." He replied.

"Aw come on! Please......?" Mikey begged.

"I wouldn't mind. I don't have anything to do tonight anyway." You said. 

"See Leo? She's cool with it! Come on, please......?" He begged again.

"*Sigh* fine." He said.

"Yeah!" Mikey cheered. You followed up a fire escape with ease. You were fit and you trained in ninjutsu for a special ability. You knew that living in New York you'd need to learn how to fight. You were still in training though. You followed them across rooftops and they seemed impressed at your abilities. Soon enough you made it to a man hole cover. You were confused, but Mikey told you that they had to live in the sewers because they were mutants. You nodded. You didn't mind the smell actually. You had gotten used to it because your father wasn't the cleanest man.

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