*Request* Brave Hearts (Leo x Reader)

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You were sitting on the roof of a random building. You were doing the usual you did at night. Watching out for the city. You were your own vigilante. You were pretty tough and your choice of weapon was actually some homemade claws for each hand and foot. You also had tasers on each of them. You also had four back up foot long blades stored each of them because of the padding covering your arms and legs. 

You heard someone talking not far away. You were curious and decided to investigate. You peeked over the side of the roof once you got there and saw a boy and a girl.

"So, you're going to train with Splinter again?" The boy asked.

"Yeah. You're going on another patrol with Raph I'm assuming."

"Heck yeah! My and Raph have got this!"

"I just don't see why you have to go out by yourselves. You should go as a team." The girl said.

"Hey me and Raph don't need the other three turtles! We're a crime fighting team! Just us! Casey Jones and his turtle sidekick." The boy said.

"Better not say sidekick in front of Raph Casey." The girl said.

"Uh...you're probably right on that one April." Casey admitted.

"Come on, we're almost to the man hole. The lair isn't far from this one." April said and the two left. You were stunned.

"Turtles huh.... I want to see this for myself." You said. You took off, heading for a different man hole. You climbed down and began to look through the sewers. You knew following the two would've been harder, so you didn't try. Besides, it'd be more adventurous if you found it on your own. 

After a little while of looking around, you finally heard something not far away. You carefully went over and peeked in. You were stunned by what you saw. You saw mutant turtles just hanging around in what looked like a home built up in the sewers for them. You saw one in an orange mask watching TV and you saw another in a blue mask beating up a training dummy that had multiple weapons stuck in it. You tried to get a better look, but your metal claws made a little 'clink!' sound. You quickly hid.

"Did you hear something?" You heard a more mature sounding voice say.

"Probably just on my show dude." A more childish voice replied.

"Yeah...sure." You decided to take off, before you got caught. You hurried through the sewers back to the surface. Half way there, you heard something behind you. You turned, but saw nothing. You weren't fooled. You kept going, but you soon heard someone call a battle cry and you whipped around to face them. It was the blue turtle. You blocked his katana with your claws. "Who are you!?" He demanded. You only grunted while trying to hold him off. You kicked him back and ran. You had to make it to the surface. He chased after you. You quickly climbed up the ladder to get away. He caught your foot. "Not so fast!" You glared at him. 

"Get off!" You snapped, kicking his hand. He yelped and let go. You raced up the ladder, but he did too. You quickly climbed a fire escape, but he still followed you. You ran along the roofs with him following. You saw a big jump up ahead. You looked back and saw a grin on his face. He thinks I'm trapped. Think again buddy. You thought. You ran faster and you took that leap of faith. You barely grabbed the side of the roof. Breathing hard, you pulled yourself up and stayed there, panting. You got up and you two had the most intense staring competition ever. You soon grinned. "Afraid to jump?" You teased. He looked shocked.

"No!" He snapped.

"Heh, then do it. Try and catch me hero boy." You said and took off. Sure enough, he jumped and he almost didn't make it, but he was a mutant so he didn't need claws in order to catch the side of the roof. He took off after you and soon you were on the perfect roof for a fight. He pulled out his katana and your blade came out.

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