*Request* Fixing the Broken (Leo x Reader part 2)

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(This is a part 2 to 'Damaged'. If you haven't read that you should read it before reading this one.)

You finally made it to April's old farmhouse. It was where she grew up when she was little. You had run away from New York and now you had to stay here. Leo hadn't woke up. You were so worried about him. 

The boys got him upstairs and into the tub. Donnie said that staying in water would help him heal faster. Everyone looked so...lost in that moment. The others left, but you and Raph stayed. You both took it upon yourselves to watch him. You took turns sitting there, waiting. Other times you would sit together in silence and just wait. 

For 3 long months, this is how it was. You and Raph constantly watched Leo. You all trained together sometimes, and everyone did their own things to try and make the best of the situation. Donnie was working on medicine for Leo, Mikey helped out around the house, Casey and April helped with other things, and you helped Raph with Leo. 

You were all training together one day. Donnie had made you weapons so you could train with them. They were unique and you already knew some basic fighting skills, so you caught on quickly with them.

 They were unique and you already knew some basic fighting skills, so you caught on quickly with them

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You were against Mikey. You both fought each other. Mikey was more trained than you, but you were a faster learner. You kept up with him and soon you actually beat him. He got back up and smiled at you.

"Whoa (Y/n)! You're getting good!" He said. You smiled a little.

"Thanks Mikey." You said. Then you heard Donnie and Casey fighting. April had to break them apart. You sighed. Things had been very tense lately. You zoned out, thinking hard about everything. With Leo still asleep, you all had no leader. You wondered if maybe you should try and lead. It was clear that you needed a leader. Just to fill in for him until he's better. You thought. Maybe I should talk to Raph about it. Just as you came out of your thoughts Raph stormed inside to watch Leo again. You followed him. The others said nothing as you did. They thought you were just going to help him watch Leo, but you'd been helping Raph through this too. You often talked to him as you both sat there. 

You sat on the floor leaning against the stool Raph sat on. He said nothing to you. You didn't say anything either for a little bit. Then, you spoke up.

"Raph?" He looked down at you. "I...I was just thinking and I understand if you say no, but with Leo hurt...maybe...we should have someone else lead for a little bit?" He sighed.

"I don't know. At this rate...a new leader might turn out to be permanent." He said, grief in his voice. 

"Raph, it's never easy, but a leader needs to make the hard decisions. I'm only asking you because I need someone to back me up on this. I wasn't planning on forever. I just think that maybe I would be able to help." You said.

"You? Leader?" He asked.

"I know how it sounds, but I understand how Leo thinks. I...I was hoping that if I took over until he's better you could help me with it." You said.

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