Blame (Leo x Reader)

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(This takes place after Splinter dies. Don't play the video yet.)

You were waiting for them to get back. You hoped they were okay. You were so worried about them. Leo had ordered you to stay home because you weren't a full on kunoichi. Casey was allowed to go because he'd been fighting with the turtles longer than you had. 

You'd met the turtles during the Kraang invasion. When they had returned from the farm house, you had been saved by Leonardo. You had been captured, but he'd heard your cries and come to your rescue. Ever since then, you'd been by his side through everything. Almost all of their adventures, you played a part. 

You were an amazing fighter, but Splinter had never made you a kunoichi. Hed mentioned that he was going to, but then the entire thing with Super Shredder happened and you never got your chance. You didn't care about that though. You missed Splinter and you wished that you could've done something to help.

Now, all you could do was wait and pray that they would be okay. You could only imagine Leo in Splinter's place. Blades through his shell and the others cut up. You began to cry at the thought. You pushed it away. No. They're stronger than him. They've been through so much. They can do this. They've been to space and back for god sake! I've seen them fight for their lives and I've seen them win every single time so far. They've fought mutants, Kraang invasions, even a giant space whale kraken thing! They can do this! You thought.

Soon your heard footsteps. You looked up, hopeful that'd you seen all four of the boys, April, and Casey returning. You saw all of them. You were still frozen though. Did they win? You wondered. You looked to Leo. His blue eyes stared right back. He nodded. You smiled. YES!!! You ran over and latched onto him. After a moment he hugged back. The others smiled. They all joined in.

"I knew you could do it." You said. They all smiled.

"It wasn't us. Leo's the one that finished the fight." Raph said. You were surprised.

"By yourself?" You asked. 

"I was the only one that wasn't tossed off the roof." He said. You smiled. You hugged him even tighter. Mikey yawned. 

"Dudes, I think I could sleep for a week." He said. 

"Me too." April agreed.

"Let's all get some rest. We all need it." Leo said. They nodded. You followed Leo to his room and he sat down on his bed. You closed the door and looked over at him. He looked exhausted. You smiled sympathetically at him. You walked over and sat down next to him. You kissed his cheek.

"You did it Leo." You whispered. He smiled a little. You helped him with his gear and you washed his face gently with a wash cloth after taking off his mask. He let you take care of him. You finished cleaning him up soon enough and you gave him a quick kiss on his nose. He opened his eyes and smiled softly at you.

"Thank you." He said. You smiled. 

"Anything to help." You replied. Almost instantly he grabbed you and kissed you. You kissed back, your arms wrapping around him. He fell back onto the bed and you were pulled with him, now laying on top of him. You both held each other tightly.  Leo kissed you strongly and you felt your heart beating faster. You blushed insanely as he held you even closer. 

He smiled at you when the kiss broke. You smiled back. You rested your head against his shell. He smiled down at you. His arms remained wrapped around you, his large hands resting on your back. You heard his heart beating against your ear. You smiled. It was strong and comforting in a way. 

You felt his hand lift off your back. He began stroking your hair, his fingers combing through it gently. You smiled. You tucked your head under his chin and he chuckled. 

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