Part of My Act (Mikey x Hybrid!Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead! There will be bold notes where it begins and ends.)

Mikey's POV

It was just another boring patrols with the guys. We sat on the roof, Leo standing tall and looking out for trouble. Raph looked bored and annoyed. Donnie looked kind of tired and like he wanted to go home and I was bored, exhausted, and annoyed with Leo since he kept insisting we stay out longer. Leo looked out and the three of us let him as we huddled together on the other side of the roof. I groaned out, making sure Leo didn't hear me.

"Dudes, this night has been so dull. Even the city is stupidly silent! Why won't Leo just give it up and say we can go home?" I asked/complained.

"Because hero boy has to stay up till sunrise making sure the city is safe and drag us along with him!" Raph grumbled with a glare, but I knew he wasn't made at me. He was mad at Leo. Raph had actually been getting less sleep lately. I'd found out why when I'd gotten up for a midnight snack and he'd been sitting in the kitchen, his eyes distant, shoulders sagging, and expression pretty unhappy. I'd asked him what was wrong and he'd said that he'd been hearing about a circus that was in town for a little over a month. What kept him up at night was the fact that he'd spied on it once and seen a group of mutants in it. The humans were fooled that it happened in a lab experiment, but we all knew mutations when we saw them. Their month was almost up though. They'd be leaving soon.

"According to my calculations, we can't be going much longer." Donnie said.

"Hopefully your calculations are correct then." Raph said.

"No kidding bros." I agreed. Leo turned around and we all went quiet.

"Well team, nothing tonight. Let's get home." He said.

"Bout time." Raph muttered. We all began to head home, but then a net shot out from nowhere as I was jumping to another roof. It hit me and I shrieked as I fell into the street below.

"Mikey!" Leo exclaimed. I struggled, but the ropes got tighter. The guys hurried to help me, but a van was there in seconds. People in weird uniforms came out. They grabbed the ropes and tossed me into the van. I shrieked.


"MIKEY!" Raph yelled.

"Hang on!" Donnie called. One of them threw gas at my brothers. They got hit by it and they stopped coughing hard. They fell to their names and I was shocked and scared. 


"M-Mikey! *Cough cough*" Leo called. The doors shut and we started to move. The last thing I heard before I was given something to make me go to sleep was Raph's scream.

"NO!! LITTLE BROTHER!!!" And then I blacked out.

*5 hours later* 

I groaned as I woke up. I looked around. I was in a cage, but I a giant tent? I was confused. Then I heard voices. 

"Get more flips in (Y/n)! Ash! You must look fiercer! We need to impress people for our final show in this city! I want to be blown to the sky! Now get to work!"

"Yes ringmaster!" A few voices replied. I heard footsteps. They were coming toward me. I saw a man with a short black neatly trimmed beard. His eyes were dark brown and his expression said one thing, don't mess with me. He saw that I was awake.

"Ah, so my newest addition to the acts is finally awake. Good morning young turtle." He said.

"W-what's going on!? Where am I?! What did you do to my brothers?!" I yelled.

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