Too Sweet (Mikey x Mutant Cat!Reader)

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(You are Ice Cream Kitty's sister in this btw.)

The love between an owner and a pet couldn't be stronger in this case. You were a beautiful cat with a nice collar that had a pink heart on it. Your name was written on the heart.

(I know it says venus, but pretend it says (Y/n)

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(I know it says venus, but pretend it says (Y/n).)

You loving owner was a mutant. When you had followed your sister's scent trail to the lair Mikey had found you and welcomed you. You had gladly accepted the honor of being his pet. Your sister had been mutated and was now called Ice Cream Kitty by Mikey. She didn't mind. She liked being her sweet cute self. You often talked with your sister about how much you cared about Mikey. Today was one of those stressful sad days. Mikey had come back with the others down in the dumps and bruised from loosing the battle that had happened. You, being the loyal kitty you were, tried to cheer him up and licked his wounds to simulate kissing them to make them feel better. He had given you a sad smile and then went to his room. You felt bad for him. 

You had meowed for one of the other turtles to open the freezer for you so you could talk to your sister. Leonardo had heard you and you'd lead him to the kitchen. He'd put Ice Cream Kitty in a bowl and set her on the counter for you. You'd licked his hand thankfully and then talked with your frozen treat sister.

"I just feel so helpless! I can't comfort him the way I want to! He can't understand me when I talk to him and he's just so sad right now! I want to be the best pet ever! But I feel like I'm failing him." You explained sadly.

"Don't beat yourself up sis! Mikey just had a rough day! He'll be okay!" Kitty assured.

"But I wanna help him so badly! Plus it doesn't help that me, a non-mutant pet cat has grown actual feelings for her owner! I can't tell him that and I'll never be able to! I mean for the love of god, I'll even die about 70 and maybe 80 years before he does! Curse this stupid short life span! And what if I don't die before he does!? What if Shredder or the Kraang capture him and kill him!? What if the Kraang experiment on him!? What if Shredder mind controls him!?" You fretted, pacing back and forth on the counter top.

"Whoa sis calm down! There's a way you can help him!" Kitty said.

"How?" You asked.

"You find some mutagen! If you become a mutant like him, you'll be a great addition to the team! You can be there for him 24/7!" Kitty said.

"I don't think he'd like that...." You said.

"Oh it'll be fine! Look at me! He ADORES me! I mean he's the one who mutated me! Sure it was an accident, but still!" You thought about it. You nodded. 

"You're right! I'm gonna be the best ninja kitty he's ever seen! I'm off! I'll get Leo to put you back!" You said.

"Okay! Bye sis!" She meowed.

"Bye!" You called over your shoulder. You found Leo and he knew what you wanted. He went to put Ice Cream Kitty away and you waited until they were all asleep before sneaking out. You took a pit stop in the kitchen. "Wish me luck!" You called.

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