In Love with a Bad Girl (Donnie x Criminal!Reader)

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(Play video now please. It's just to listen to.)

You were walking around in a store. You looked around. Nobody was watching. You grinned. You let a small robotic device slip out of your long sleeve. It latched onto the wall and began doing what it did best. It hacked into the security cameras and alarms, shutting them down. You were still alone. You took off your backpack and grabbed what you needed. You shoved it into your bag quickly and then put it back down. You walked out of the store. On another device, you pressed a single button. The little robot that was hardly visible if you weren't trying to see it hurried out and over to you. You picked it up.

"Good job hack-bot." You said and put it into your pocket. You walked away with a smirk on your face. Robbing had been made way too easy. 

Donnie's POV

I was called out into the living room by Leo. I got up from my desk and followed him out. Raph and Mikey were there too. The news was on and I wondered what this was about.

"What is so important that you had to wake me up for?" Raph said grumpily. Leo ignored him. 

"On the news there's been reports of items in stores disappearing in loads in broad daylight and in the middle of the night. Look." Leo said, pointing to the TV.

"It was reported from the local market that 15 things food and home items went missing within an hour. No one was caught on surveillance since within those hours the cameras mysteriously shut down. No alarms went off within the time spans though. Some people say it's an act of witchcraft, others believe that someone is at work behind everyone's backs. Whatever is going on, authorities have thrown themselves into a never ending loop of questions and pointless chases. Nobody has any leads on this seemingly invisible robber, and people are beginning to wonder if someone far more dangerous is actually at work here."

I thought about it, frowning.

"So what are we supposed to do? The guy is undetectable." Raph said.

"So far they've only been hitting places with food and small trinckets, but this last robbery 5 items were more expensive. They were higher bits of tech. Think you can pin point where they're most likely gonna strike next Donnie?" Leo asked.

"I can do my best." I replied. He nodded. I went to my lab and started doing the work to find out where this mystery robber was going next. When I finished, I had a pretty good idea where they were headed. I hurried out.

"Guys! I've got a lead!"

Your POV

*Hours later at 9:30 P.M.*

A new tech store was opening. It was a pretty big deal. You walked into the store and looked around. You found the place you were looking for. Some of the best tech. You grinned. You let your hacker-bot go. It shut down everything. You began stuffing your bag, keeping your hood up. Then, a cop turned into the aisle. He came up to you.

"Just what do you think you're doing?" You said nothing. You zipped up your bag and stood up.

"You should've minded your own business." You said. You kicked him in the face and beat him up. You took his taser and called your hacker-bot back. You ran and smashed the fire alarm. People started rushing for the main entrance while you slipped out the loading dock doors. You walked out the back and hurried away. 

You made it to the rooftops. You grinned. People scrambled out of the store like idiots. You were stunned that had worked. Plus, that cop hadn't even gotten a good look at you. Being knocked out on the ground didn't help his reputation either.

"Well, plan B worked out perfectly." You said to yourself. 

"Did it? Because I think you're not out of trouble yet." You whipped around. Your eyes widened. You saw four mutant turtles. They all had ninja weapons and the one in a blue mask was leading the charge. They couldn't see your face thanks to your hoodie. They didn't know about the taser either.

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