*Request* Abandoned (Mikey x Neko!Reader)

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(WARNING! This will have mature content! There will be bold notes when it starts and finishes. Skip if you do not want to read.)

You were searching the streets for a place to hide.

"Get back here ya stupid rat!" You heard one shout. You were being chased by some bullies from school. They'd revealed to everyone just how much of a freak you were and now they were chasing you, threatening to kill you. Gotta hide! I just gotta find somewhere to HIDE! You thought in a panic. You spotted a man hole cover. Desperate times call for desperate measures! You thought and quickly darted down into the sewers. You kept running and running and running until you weren't sure where you were.

You walked onward and kept going. You were never going back to the surface. You weren't going to give them any chance to hurt you. You kept walking until you heard something. You wondered what is was. You began to head over quietly and when you got there, you were stunned by what you saw.

You saw what looked like a home and you saw four turtles there. They each had different colored masks and they were all watching TV. You looked at what they were watching. It was some kind of animated show with a team of heroes in it. You were curious. You watched quietly and you listened in on their conversations about what was happening in the show. You chuckled. It was kinda funny. Suddenly bumped a pizza box. It fell and you tried to catch it, but you tripped on your tail and instead you became a part of the avalanche of pizza boxes. 

"Ah!" You yelped and fell hard on your tail bone. 

"An intruder!" You gulped. Hair balls! You thought. 

"Get them!" You yelped and scrambled to your feet and started running. You didn't get far before you were tackled.

You lashed out with your paw and clawed one. You saw the one in the blue mask put a hand on his arm. You then spotted that they had actual weapons. You felt terror. THEY COULD KILL ME! You bolted.

"Follow her!" You ran through an assortment of tunnels and did a lot of quick turns. You soon hid and curled up in a ball, shaking in terror. You were having major flashbacks of kids at school. You remembered all the beatings and the times the even cut you. You started crying softly to yourself.

"I don't wanna die..." You whimpered. You stayed there for a bit. Suddenly you were grabbed. You screamed on instinct.

"GOOD GOD CALM DOWN!" You were still shaking and crying.

"Please don't hurt me!" You begged, breaking down even further. Your nerves were fried and you swore if your heart started beating any faster you'd have an actual heart attack. 

"Hey, it's okay! Calm down." The purple one said. Your ears were back in fear and your tail was 3 times its normal size. You were still hyperventilating. You were having a very hard time trying to steady your breathing.

"Raph let go of her." The blue ordered. The hands holding you let go and you instantly dropped to the ground and curled up into a ball again. 

"We really scared her." You heard the blue masked turtle say.

"She's clearly been through some things that have traumatized her. We should take her back where we can keep an eye on her." The purple masked said.

"How are we going to do that? She's too scared to move." You heard a tougher sounding voice say. 

"Let me try!" You heard a more childish sounding voice tune in. 

"Mikey don't-" Too late. You felt a hand pet your head. You shrank further into your protective ball. They kept going. Soon it started to feel...nice. You came out a little and you felt someone scratch your ear. You began to purr a little. Your ears and back were your soft spots. 

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