*Request* Let Me Help You (Raph x Neko!Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead!)

You felt hot and bothered by this. Why do I have to be feeling like this when the guys are home!? You cursed silently, trying to contain yourself. Suddenly Raph sat down next to you.

"Hey sweetheart. Why are ya just sittin' here?" He asked. You couldn't handle sitting next to him right now.

"N-no r-reason!" You said. He frowned.

"Hey..you okay?" He asked.

"Y-yep! W-why do you ask t-that?" You said, getting more hot and nervous by the second. He looked confused.

"What's got ya all worked up? You don't normally act like this (Y/n)." He said. He checked your forehead. "You're really warm too. You sure you're fine?" He asked.

"Yes! I'm just, um, hungry! I'm gonna go get a snack. Bye!" You said and quickly headed to the kitchen.

Raph's POV

She went to the kitchen, but I didn't believe that nothing was wrong. Maybe if I ask Donnie he'll know what's bothering her. I thought. I headed to the lab. I saw him working on something on his computer. 

"Hey Don, can ya help me?" I asked. He looked up.

"Sure. What's up?" I walked over and said,

"(Y/n)'s been acting weird, but she won't tell me what's wrong." I said.

"How has she been acting?" He asked.

"She's stuttering, kind of jumpy, she's hot, and she sure is acting like something is bothering her." I explained. Donnie looked surprised.

"Oh..." He said. 

"Well, what's going on?" I asked.

"Um...Raph...I think she might be in heat." I was shocked.

"Wait seriously?" 

"Yeah. I mean she wanted to get away from you right?"

"Yeah...she did run off pretty fast." I said.

"She's probably trying to control herself. She didn't want to start acting even weirder around you." He explained. I thought about it.

"Thanks. At least now I know why she's acting strange." I said.

"Yeah. I'd recommend just leaving her be for a bit. It should pass in a little while." He said. While he was probably right, I had a different idea.

"Don't worry. I got it. See ya later." I said and left. I went to the kitchen and found her just sitting there with her face in her hands. I smiled at her, understanding that she was struggling. 

"Hey sweetheart." I said hugging her from behind. She quickly turned and spotted me, her face already red. 

"U-um R-Raph? W-what are you-?"

"I just wanted to cuddle a little. That okay baby?" I asked smoothly. I had my plans. She stared at me, but I knew she couldn't say no to me. 

"Y-yeah...it's fine." She said. I grinned. 

"Thanks sweetheart~" I said. I then teasingly nipped her shoulder. She gasped, blushing.

"R-Raph!" She exclaimed. 

"Don't act like you don't want it. Like you don't need it." I said right in her ear. She shivered, but I could tell that she was about to break. I kissed her neck and she whimpered, making her best effort not to give in. I grinned. "If ya want me, just say it baby~" She broke, just like I had predicted.

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