*Request* Fight or Love? (Donnie x Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead!)

You and Donnie never got along. You always fought each other. You both just got on each others nerves. You knew it was mostly your fault because you were kind of rude to him. The reason you were a pain around him was because you were jealous that he liked April so much instead of you. You honestly liked Donnie, but you were upset with him because he never noticed at first. Since he never saw it when you were nice you turned into being mean.

You needed help with your homework one night. You tried to do it, but groaned in frustration. You called April. While you were jealous Donnie liked her, she didn't feel the same way so you often talked about it with her. She was a good friend honestly. She picked up.

"Hey (Y/n)! What's up?"

"Can you come over? I need help with my homework." You said.

"What subject?"


"(Y/n), why don't you go to Donnie? You know he's better at that then me." April said.

"But April, you know we always end up fighting." You said.

"How about you try being nice instead of being rude? Come on (Y/n). He's never gonna grow on you if you don't try to make yourself grow on him." She said. You groaned.

"Fine." You grumbled.

"That's the spirit! Now just be happier! Talk to ya later (Y/n)!" She said and hung up. You sighed and texted Donnie. 

You: 'Hey Donnie. Can you help me with my science homework?'

Don: 'Why?'

You: 'Cause April recommended going to you. You wanna be the one to tell her why I couldn't figure it out?'

Don: '....Hurry up and get over here already....'

You: 'Such a gentleman. I'm on my way.' With that you headed out for the lair.

When you arrived you went to the lab. You knocked and it opened a few seconds later. You walked in and Donnie shut the door and locked it. You were confused.

"I don't want Mikey coming in and distracting me or you." He said. 

"Good point." You said. You set you bag down and grabbed out the papers. 

"So, what do you need help with?" He asked. 

"All of this. I never understand these things." You said. He looked at it and rolled his eyes.

"Seriously? That's not even difficult." He said.

"Well sorry I'm not a nerd." You said. He growled in annoyance.

"You want my help or not?"

"Are you gonna be willing or not?" You countered. He sighed, calming himself.

"Fine. So you see this?" He said, pointing to some elements on the paper.

"Yeah." You said.

"That's Graphite. It's a nuclear reactor." He said. You nodded. Donnie kept explaining things, but you still didn't fully understand and he seemed to notice when you started looking bored. "Are you even listening?"

"Yeah. I'm trying, but this still isn't helping." You said.

"Well, maybe if you would try to understand-"

"Oh jeez, I'm sorry I'm not the perfect little ray of sunshine that April seems to be!" You snapped.


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