A New Test (Leo x Reader part 2 of 'Tests')

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You had been staying with the turtles for 2 weeks now. You were healing nicely and they had all grown to accept you. You and Leo hung out a lot. You both talked about almost anything and everything. You had a lot in common. You really did like him a lot. Maybe more than you should've.

You were taking a nap on the couch. You had woken up not long before the turtles returned from another mission. You decided to have some fun with it. You pretended to still be asleep. You waited for Mikey or Leo to come over. Your wish was granted as Leo came over.

"Heheheh, (Y/n). (Y/n)~ Wake up~" You played along. You did the cutest yawn you could without it being obviously fake. You opened your eyes, finding yourself staring into his familiar deep blue ones.

"Oh. You're back." You said with a sweet smile. He smiled too.

"Yeah, we're home. How are you feeling? Better?" He asked with a soft smile. You loved it when he was like this. He was just so sweet and caring. You nodded, blushing a little. Suddenly, Donnie said,

"Not to break it up you two, but if she's feeling better then I should check her out. You might be well enough to go home." He said. You nodded. You followed Donnie and he looked over your wound. He smiled.

"You're good to go (Y/n)." He said. You smiled.

"Great! Thanks for all your help Donnie!" You said. You left and you went over to Leo. "Donnie said I can leave." You said. He frowned.

"Wait so...you're leaving?" He asked.

"I..I have to get home." You said.

"Couldn't you stay a little longer?" He asked.

"Leo, I know you don't like my father because of what he did. I'll be okay though. He's my dad." You said. He sighed.

"If you have to leave, then let me at least be your guide until we get to the surface." He said. You smiled and nodded. Before you left you said goodbye to everyone. Mikey hugged you.

"You'll come back won't you?" He asked with big puppy dog eyes. You smiled.

"Of course! I still have to beat you at Mario Kart." You said. He smiled.

"Well good luck with that! I'm a champ at that!" He said. You chuckled.

"Just be careful. Last time you got captured Leo. Contact us right away if something goes wrong." Raph said. You both nodded.

"Don't worry Raph. We'll be fine." Leo said.

"Well, see you soon, hopefully anyway." Donnie said.

"Bye (Y/n)!" Mikey said, giving you one last hug.

"See ya around (Y/n)." Raph added. You smiled. You headed out with Leo.

Soon enough you both made it to the surface. He stopped and looked a little sad.

"Are you sure you'll come back soon?" He asked. You smiled.

"I promise I'll come the first chance I get." You said. You hugged him. He hugged back. "Goodbye Leonardo." You said. 

"Bye (Y/n)." He replied with a kind smile. You walked away and you heard him go back down into the sewers.

You walked home without any problems and when you got there Laura was all over you.

"(Y/N)! YOU'RE ALRIGHT! Never stay away that long do you hear me!? Your father comes back in a week and if you had stayed away that long half the building could've been fired! You scared us all near to death!" She said.

"Sorry Laura. I didn't mean to it's just something happened and I didn't really have a choice." You said. 

"Well, as long as you're alright and still alive." She said. "Come on. I'm going to stay with you tonight. You should get some rest." She said. You went with her to the 10th floor and she made you (f/f). You thanked her and relaxed on the couch watching TV as you ate. You thought about the guys. They were probably having pizza by now. You smiled at the thought of them all racing to grab their own slices. Then Laura asked you something. "What were you doing these past 2 weeks?" You froze.

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