My Snowflake (Donnie x Arctic Fox Mutant!Reader)

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(Okay, so to explain why was has tattoos: she is part human. It's just like most of my other chapters. She has a human like body other than her white fox ears, tail, and fangs. She can also switch between her partly human form and a full on arctic fox form. Also she is as big as a coyote in her full on fox form because she's a mutant. She also has some ice powers. THAT'S ALL! CONTINUE!)

It was winter in New York. You loved playing in your full on fox form in the forest. It was so much fun rolling around in the snow. You loved it more than anything, but this year you'd been chased away by hunters. The woods weren't safe for you. You had traveled into the city, hoping to find some food scraps or mice to eat. You weren't as happy as before. You had to be on alert all the time. Humans couldn't see a fox like you. They'd want to capture you and put you in containment. Plus if the ever knew that you were more than just a big fox, you'd be in even bigger trouble.

You saw a man sitting on a bench with a hot-dog. Your stomach growled. You stayed low, using the few inches of snow on the ground to stay as hidden as possible. You got up next to him. You waited and then you quickly snatched the food and took off fast. 

"Hey! Mangy mutt!" He yelled. You just kept running. You then hid in an alley and ate the hot-dog. When you were done, you wanted to be your human self for a bit. You began to head to the sewers. You'd be safe there right? 

You climbed down and turned into your human form. You smiled. You walked along, exploring around. Suddenly you heard voices. You went to check it out. You peeked into a large area and saw four mutants all watching TV together. You giggled and changed back. You laid there watching it from a distance. It was an interesting show for sure. Suddenly one spotted you.

"Whoa! Dudes look!" They all turned and saw you. You hoped down and padded over. You weren't really a shy person. Besides, what would they do? They were mutants after all. Even if they did attack you, you knew how to stop them.

"It's" The one in blue said.

"Actually it's an arctic fox. How did an arctic fox get here?" The purple asked. 

"Dudes! She looks like she could have ice powers!" The orange said.

"Yeah, get real Mikey." The red retorted.

"Actually, he's spot on." You said. They all shrieked and jumped backward. You chuckled. "Yeah, I can talk." You said. "I can also do this." You turned back into your human form and they looked shocked. The purple one was staring at you though.

"I SO CALLED IT!" The orange cheered. You chuckled.

"I'm (Y/n). Mind telling me your own names?" You asked.

"I'm Mikey!"

"I'm Leo."


"I-I'm Donnie." You smiled.

"Nice to meet you all. Sorry if I caused any trouble. The woods had a ton of hunters this time so I had to come to the city. I'll be on my way." You said. As you began to head out, Mikey said,

"Wait! Do you have a home?" He asked.

"Nope. Why?" You asked.

"*GASP* Leo! Can she stay here!?" Mikey asked. Leo sighed.

"As long as Master Splinter is okay with it."

"I see no reason to turn her away." A new voice said. You looked past them and spotted a mutant rat. You smiled.

"Really? Thanks. That's nice of you guys." You said.

"No problamo. It's what we do." Mikey said smoothly. You smiled. You saw Donnie head into another room. You were curious. You followed him. You peeked in and saw him working with some chemicals. You walked in.

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