*Request* Perfect Pairs (Leo x Turtle!Reader)

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You screamed in pain. Tiger Claw was on you again. He was trying to kill you, but you were doing everything you could to hold him off. You had no idea why Shredder wanted you dead, but he was determined to get what he wanted. You struggled to get him off of you. Suddenly his claws dug into your shoulder. You swallowed back a shriek and shoved him backward. You quickly grabbed your weapons that had been knocked out of your hands. 

You were panting and your body was shaking from the effort to keep fighting, but you felt adrenaline pumping through your blood and a fire burning in your heart

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You were panting and your body was shaking from the effort to keep fighting, but you felt adrenaline pumping through your blood and a fire burning in your heart. You weren't dead yet.

"Foolish child! There is no way you will survive now!" He growled.

"Hack up a hair ball, fluff face." You insulted. He roared in anger and attacked you again. Your blood had already been spilled across the rooftop, and Tiger Claw seemed determined to get more out of you. Your (e/c) eyes burned with hatred. You screamed a battle cry as you fought him fiercely. Your leg, shoulder, and cheek were bleeding. Bruises had peppered your body, but you weren't giving in. You both kept fighting and you got some great hits on him. He stumbled backward as you kicked him in the jaw. He glared at you, growling. 

"I will make you pay for this!" He yelled.

"Got any bite to back that up pussy cat?" You said with a smirk. 

"RAH!" He yelled. He clawed your other arm, and you shrieked. You jumped backward, avoiding more attacks. Then you charged him and bowled him over. You powerfully kicked his gut and then jumped backward to get away. You couldn't take much more of this. Suddenly he pulled out his ice gun. You dodged most of the shots, but one got your foot. You were weighed down now. You glared at him. He chuckled darkly as he walked up to you. "Any last words?" He asked. You grinned, getting an idea.

"Yep. HAVE A NICE FLIGHT!" You shouted and did a powerful spin kick, hitting him with your frozen foot. The momentum and power of it was so strong it sent him flying nearly five roofs away. You grinned with a breathy chuckle.

"That'll...show that...fuzzball." You panted. You limped away since your foot was most likely broken or sprang at least. You hopped to another roof and you could feel your energy draining. You got a few more roofs away before collapsing. You were shaking pretty hard by now and you'd left a trail of blood thanks to your leg. Now your leg was bleeding and hurt. You were in big trouble. You vision was fuzzy. You forced yourself to your feet. You had to get to a safer place. You tried to jump to the next roof, but you fell short on caught the edge of the roof. Your hands started to slip. You shrieked and you fell. Your back hit a fire escape and you heard a cracking sound. You continued to fall and then you landed on the cement in a puddle of water. You laid there on your side. You were dazed and pain was sparking through your body in every part. The water began to turn red as some of the blood washed into it. You finally gave in. As you slipped in unconsciousness you saw four green blurry figures coming toward you. They gathered around you and your world went black.

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