A Fire Burning in My Heart (Leo x Dragon Hybrid!Reader)

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(That's how you look as a dragon

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(That's how you look as a dragon. You can be whatever color/colors you want. Also, this is NOT my art! I don't own this picture!)

You roared in protest as the Kraang yanked this way and that way on your chains. You kept trying to break free. You were fed up with being their slave. You breathed blue fire, burning them and melting the chains. You flew through a portal you saw and ended up in a city. You shrank down to a much smaller version of yourself. Luckily, it was nighttime so nobody had seen you. You quickly flew to safety, far away from where you had come from. You turned human and used your magic to hide your tail and wings and the sharp teeth you had. You spotted a man hole. You quickly went down and you let your tail, wings and teeth show. You felt wrong when you hid them, but if you had to you would.

You kept walking and soon you heard something. You peeked around the corner and you were shocked as you saw mutants. They were all turtles wearing different colored masks and they had some ninja gear on. You were curious, but you knew that you shouldn't be there. You crept past, but your tail moved a rock and they heard you.

"An intruder!" You grew worried. They quickly tried to capture you, but you weren't having it. You turned into your full dragon form and roared. They all looked shocked. Your mouth had blue flames coming out of the sides, ready for them to try and attack you.

"IT'S A DRAGON!?" The red masked turtle exclaimed.

"Dudes, I think I speak for all of when I say, AAAAHHH!" The orange one said. 

"We gotta calm it down!" The blue said. 

"How about we just knock it out!?" The red said and tried to hit your head. Your put out your flames and caught his leg. You were careful not to break the skin. "Let go of me you over sized flame thrower!" He yelled. You tossed him away. He landed with a thud, but he was alright. 

"Whoa! Hey it's okay!" The blue said. You looked at him. "Calm down. We aren't going to hurt you." He said. You bent down and he pet your snout. "There ya go. Atta girl. Shh..." He said. You smiled a little and sat down. "I think she's good." He said. 

"Okay, now what are we going to tell Splinter!? That a dragon just wandered into the lair!?" The red said.

"That would be a start." A new voice said. You spotted a rat mutant there. "So, we have a visitor?"

"For a second I just saw her tail, but then there was a full on dragon. I don't think she meant to hurt anyone." The blue said. 

"How do you know it's a girl?" The red asked.

"Gut feeling?" The blue replied. You chuckled. You turned back into your human form.

"You're gut was correct then." You said. They all looked shocked.

"What? Why do you think you only saw my tail for a second?" You asked with a grin.

"So, you're part human?" The purple asked.

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