I Can't Leave You (Leo x Reader)

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(This takes place after the turtles return from the farm house. WARNING: Violence and slight language!)

"Go go go, NOW!" Leo shouted. You all ran as fast as you could.

"How many more of these stupid traps has he hooked up!?" Raph yelled.

"I'm beginning to think this won't end!" Donnie said.

"We'll make it! We just have to keep pushing!" You said.

"I don't know how much more of this I can take dudes!" Mikey said.

"Just go! Hurry!" Leo ordered.

"I'M TRYING IF THAT WASN'T OBVIOUS!" You shouted. More guns and weapons hooked up by Drek triggered and fired. Leo did his best to deflect some of the laser bullets. You all kept running down the long hallway. 

"How did Drek have the time for all of this!? It's only been two weeks!" Donnie said.

"Probably already had everything in order!" Raph replied. Suddenly you saw one aim for Mikey. You gasped.

"MIKEY! LOOK OUT!" You shouted. He gasped, but he couldn't dodge fast enough. You leaped in the way and deflected it with your haladie. You had two.


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He looked kind stunned and afraid. You were breathing hard from all of this. You turned.

"You good?" You asked.

"Yeah, thanks." He said, still a little shocked.

"Don't thank me yet!" You shouted as you kept running. You finally made it to the end and Leo slammed the door shut. You and Raph pushed over a metal cabinet and blocked the door. You collapsed to your knees, panting. You were now in a darker room that looked like a type of mini lab.

"Re....remind me again why we have to be here?" Donnie panted.

"Drek is after a very powerful weapon that my father created. I can't access it in any way possible. Drek worked with my father so he knows how. He wants to use it against my family since my father cut him off for tampering with things he shouldn't have been. We've got to stop him before it's too late." You said.

"If Drek is going after (Y/n) and her family we've got to help. (Y/n) is part of the team and it's our job to make sure her and her family are safe." Leo agreed.

"Thanks Leo." You said. 

"I get that, but why couldn't we wait until he was out in the open? Invading his lair is nothing but trouble!" Donnie said.

"If he gets to that weapon it's over! We have to take him out, now!" Leo said. 

"Leo's right. If it's as dangerous as (Y/n) says, then we'e gotta cut him off before he gets the lead." Raph agreed.

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