Night Skies (Raph x Hybrid Mutant!Reader)

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(Where there's white for your eyes it's (e/c) btw

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(Where there's white for your eyes it's (e/c) btw.)

You yawned as you curled up in the old bed you'd claimed as your own. You lived in an abandoned hotel. You sighed as you laid there, alone. You were a hybrid of an own and a lion, but you could morph into a human version of yourself. The Kraang called you a mistake. You weren't meant to be like this, but some stupid droid had added lion DNA into your bird mixture. You had originally had eagle and owl DNA until the screw up. Some other added chemicals are what allowed you to morph, but even in your 'human' body some of your mutated body parts carried over. Your wings and tail were what carried over. 

You relaxed and used your beak to pull the sheet over yourself. You looked out the window at the city. You sighed. It was a place that you couldn't be seen in anymore. You had no other home though, so you stayed. You laid your head down onto the bed. You closed your eyes and soon enough you fell asleep. 

*8 hours later*

You woke up and yawned. It was 8:00 p.m. and that meant that you were free to roam about the rooftops and alley ways of the city. You would do this with caution of course, but being part owl it was easy to stay hidden because of your natural instincts. You climbed out the window and took off. Your powerful wings flapped silently through the air. It was another benefit of being part owl. Your wings made no sound as you flew over the city. 

Your stomach growled. You looked for things to eat from the sky. You didn't find any food, but you saw more mutants on the rooftops! They had weapons and looked like they were dangerous. You growled. You didn't trust them. 

You flew down and silently got ready to attack one of them. You targeted the one with a red mask. Once they stopped you got ready. You let out and eagle like cry and clawed his arm. He yelped in pain gripping his arm. You flew up into the clouds so they would lose sight of you. You could still hear them though.

"What was that!?" You heard a more nerdy sounding voice say.

"I don't know!" A more mature voice replied.

"Dudes, it looked like some type of feathered dragon!" A more childish voice said.

"Whatever it was, it has a nasty scratch. This stings!" A tough voice said, clearly angry. You got ready to attack again. You aimed for the one in the blue mask. You dove down and tried to grab him, but the orange masked turtle saw you and warned him. He dodged your talons and you flew back up. You turned and let out another eagle cry. You grabbed the orange one.

"AAHH!" He screamed.

"Mikey!" The blue one exclaimed. You flew up, but suddenly something was thrown at you. It hit your wings and you screeched. You flew and you landed hard. You looked at you wing. It had a ninja star in it and it was bleeding. You grew worried. Before you could run they surrounded you. You growled at them. 

"What now?" The purple masked turtle asked. Suddenly you heard something. It was getting closer. It sounded robotic. You knew what was coming. KRAANG! You let out alarm calls, rearing up on your hind legs. They all looked surprised.

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