*Request* Over Protective (Yandere!Mikey x Purple Dragon!Reader)

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You were with your gang. Hun was leading the way. You were the newest recruit for the Purple Dragons. You'd been with them for awhile now and you were the best fighter besides Hun. You were second in command beside him. Hun seemed to like you as more than just a companion. You didn't mind, but he wasn't exactly your style. 

You followed them to a store. You grinned. You hacked into the security and nodded to them. You all walked in like you owned the place and took everything you wanted. 

"This is easier than I thought." You said.

"Heh, get used to it. When you roll with us, this is all we do!" Fong said. You rolled your eyes with a grin. You all walked out with ease, but then you were stopped by four mutants that your gang had told you all about.

"Where do you think you five are going?" The blue masked turtle said.

"Places that you aren't." You said. Your gang laughed at your crude comment. You chuckled along with them.

"Who is that?" The red asked.

"Yeah, you guys hiring someone to flirt her way into stores and stuff now?" The purple teased. They all laughed. Well, all except for the orange masked turtle. Hun grinned and nodded to you. You shot forward. You attacked the purple turtle. You were faster than light as you hit him in multiple weak spots before grabbing his arm and tossing his like a rag doll. After that you whipped out your weapons. They backed away, shocked. You chuckled.

"Wanna say that again?" You asked. The red glared at you. He charged you. You slid to the side, ducking down to avoid his stab. You quickly did a spin kick and sent him flying. He tumbled onto the ground. The fight broke out. You saw the orange one was really trying to hurt Hun. You were confused as to why he was suddenly so aggressive, but you pushed it aside and kept fighting. 

Soon enough some of the boys were down. Hun growled in anger. 

"Dragons! Take what we came for and escape!" He ordered. You all took off. You all got away, but you made eye contact with the orange one for a split second. He looked upset that you were running away. You shook it off and kept going.

*Later that night*

You were sleeping soundly. Your dreams were empty and you were comfortable in your bed. You woke up to a cold breeze blowing onto you. You opened your eyes and saw that your window was open. You were confused. I never opened that. You got up and just as you were about to close it, you were hit in the back of your head. You blacked out.

*30 minutes later*

You groaned as you woke up. You looked around. You were in a warehouse. You tried to stand up, but you heard chains and felt something pulling on your wrists. You saw that you were chained to the wall. You gasped. You struggled, growling with effort and anger. You looked around, glaring into the darkness. You were under a single light.

"I'm not stupid. Show yourself creep." You hissed. You heard footsteps. You were stunned. It was him. The orange masked turtle. "What the hell? You kidnapped me?" You questioned.

"I was more thinking took you away from those four problems and made sure you would stay here." He said with a slightly creepy grin.

"Why would you want me here? Wouldn't you rather have me in a jail cell?" You asked.

"You? No way dudette! You're so much safer here, where I can watch you for however long I want to." He said. You were getting kind of freaked out.

"Why do you want to stare at me like a stalker?" You asked.

"Because you're special. I like special things, so you're mine now!" He said as if this was just a normal thing and that you were basically just something for him to take and claim.

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