Don't Forget Me (Mikey x Mutant Snake!Reader)

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You slithered through the city unnoticed. It had been a long time since your mutation. You didn't remember how many months, but all you knew as that there was an invasion, but then it went back to normal. You had run into Karai a few times before.....not that you remembered who she was. You'd been mutated on the same day as her. When she'd come out of the tank, Shredder had released a tank hidden above you and had mutated you as revenge. All you remembered from that day was some turtle in an orange mask screaming your name. 

You kept to the shadows as you slithered onward. You looked different than Karai. You had eyes like her, but they were (e/c). Your skin was also different. You didn't know why, but you were a different type of snake. You were actually a Sea Krait. Other than that and the fact that your hands weren't snake heads, you did look a lot like Karai. You didn't have any armor on though. It had been torn to pieces during your mutation.

As you kept going, you were suddenly cut off by Foot Ninjas. You hissed and retreated. You slithered away, but you felt something snap around your neck and shock you. You cried out in pain. You were dragged backward, but you heard a slash and you were suddenly freed. Without looking back, you quickly escaped. You heard someone shout,

"(Y/n)! Wait!" You kept going. 

"We've gotta catch her! She might know where Karai is too!" A second more mature sound voice said.

"How about we focus on saving our FRIEND first!?" Another yelled angrily.

"Guys! She's getting away!" A forth said. You slithered into a broken down factory. It was your home. You hid away, hoping that you'd be safe.

3rd Person POV

"There! She went into the factory!" Donnie said.

"Let's go!" Leo said. They hurried after her. Mikey was desperate to find his friend. His best friend. Ever since her mutation, he'd hid his grief very well, acting like his normal self, but on the inside he'd longed to find her and help her. They looked around. 

"Where is she?" Raph asked.

"Split up, search the area. Raph and Donnie, you two take downstairs. Me and Mikey will look for her upstairs." Leo said. They nodded. Leo and Mikey headed upstairs. They looked around for their friend. Where are you (Y/n)? Mikey wondered. Please come out. I want to help you. 

As they searched Mikey heard something. Leo kept going the other way. Mikey decided to follow the sound. He hurried toward it. He saw the paddle like end of a blue tail slither into the darkness.

"(Y/n)! Wait! Come back!" He called, chasing after her. He looked around. Suddenly he was pinned to the ground. She hissed in his face. He was scared. "(Y/n)! It's me! You're best friend! It's me Mikey!" He said. 

"MIKEY!" The others had come. She looked up and hissed at them. They stopped, giving her space. 

"We've gotta get her off him!" Donnie said. She turned to Mikey. He stared at her. What's happened to you? She seemed to realize what was happening. She let Mikey go. 

"M-Mikey...?" She asked. She looked up at the others. "F-friends...."

"Yeah! (Y/n) it's us!" Mikey said hopefully.

"Shouldn' here. Could....hurt you." She said.

"Don't you dare believe that! You can come with us! We can help you!" Mikey said.

"No....can't help. I....a monster." 

"You aren't a monster!" Mikey said.

"Dangerous...." She said.

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