*Request* Hurt People Will hurt People (Mikey x Abused!Reader)

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(WARNING some violence and I might have some language. By the way you will be more rude and sassy in this chapter. If you don't like that then you might want to skip. Everyone else, please continue.)

You locked yourself in your room. You were shaking hard and trying not to hyperventilate. Tears flowed down your face, drenching your red cheeks. Your arms and legs were throbbing and the pain stung worse than most times. Bruises and small cuts were all over your body. Your eyes were red and puffy from your tears. You sat against the wall, sounds of glass and other things being broke or banged and thrown around still going on outside. You lived with your father and snotty as hell older sister. You were so fed up with both of them. You feared that soon your father might try to kill you. Your sister was the goody two-shoes while you were the worthless brat. You cursed your sister for being older and apparently prettier than you. She was such a horrible person, but she got all of the praise for it. She was allowed to beat you and make you her slave whenever she pleased. You were done with it. 

You climbed out your bedroom window and climbed down the fire escape. You dropped down. when you landed you felt pain in your legs and fell. You yelped in pain. You groaned as you got up, but you didn't look back. You kept walking. You'd changed before leaving. You were now wearing long baggy sweatpants and a long sleeved (f/c) hoodie. You flipped your hood up and went on your way to find a good place to hide out until you felt like you could return home.

You walked along on your own. You only had a few things on you at the moment. You had your phone, some earbuds and your cash. You thought about a good place to hide out for awhile. There was one place that they would for sure never search. The sewers. You found a manhole nearby and went down into the sewers. You wandered around for the longest time until you ere too tired to keep going. You sat down against a wall and soon you laid down. You rested your head on your arms as your eyes drooped shut. You would keep going in the morning. At the moment, you just needed rest.

Mikey's POV

I was playing games, as usual. I was so close to beating my record when Donnie came out of his lab.

"Guys!" He startled me and I messed up and died. 

"Aw man! I was so close!" I said, upset that I'd failed. 

"Nevermind that Mikey! Something tripped the alarm wires!" Donnie said. I was surprised, but I'd completely forgotten about the game now. What if it's SQUIRRELS WITH LASERS!? I thought worriedly.

"Come on guys! Let's go!" Leo said. We all hurried out of the lair and went to where Donnie said the alarm wires had been tripped. Don't be squirrels please! I begged silently. We looked around and I spotted something (f/c) on the ground. I walked toward it and I froze.

"Uh...dudes. I think I know what tripped the alarm." I said. They came over and they were pretty shocked too. A girl was sleeping there. She had (h/l) (h/c) hair and she was wearing a big baggy hoodie and big baggy sweatpants. 

"Come on, let's get out of here before she wakes up." Leo whispered. 

"But what if she finds the lair?" Donnie said.

"I don't know!" Leo whisper shouted.

"We should see if she wants to be friends!" I said.

"And why would we do that!? We know nothing about this girl!" Raph said.

"She looks nice!" I said.

"How stupid are you!?" Raph shouted.

"SHH!" Leo and Donnie said. Too late. She opened her eyes and shrieked. Leo tried to calm her down.

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