Stop Trying so Hard (Donnie x Reader)

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You were relaxing in the lair. You were reading one of your books. This one....was slightly more heated. It didn't go too far, but it was a slight turn on. You were reading it while hiding your emotions behind a plain face rather well. Suddenly, Casey came up behind you. He read a few lines and suddenly said,

"So, who do you want to do that with?" You slammed the book shut, blushing insanely. You whipped around, glaring at him.

"What the hell is wrong with you Casey!?" You shouted. He looked surprised.

"Jeez calm down. I was just curios." He said.

"Well curiosity killed he cat, or in this case gave you a few bruises!" You growled. He shrieked and ran as you chased after him. You tackled him and threw a few punches before you were pried off of him by Leo and Raph. You pulled your arms free and grabbed your book. You shot one last death glare and Casey and then went to the dojo to keep reading in peace. You kept reading the hot make out scenes. You could let yourself be a little more expressive since you were alone. You bit your lip s you read it.

"So, what are you reading?" You heard someone say. You looked over and spotted Raphael. You sighed.

"Nothing any of you would be interested in." You said.

"Try me." He said, leaning against the wall next to you.

"It's....embarrassing." You admitted. He looked at you, interested.

"Mikey reads dorky comic books, you think that's gonna go as 'weird' for me?" He asked. You sighed.

"Promise number 1 never to tell anyone this and number 2 not to laugh or judge?" You asked. He sighed.

"Fine." He replied. You blushed and handed him the book. He looked at it and his eyes widened.

"'re into some heated stuff." He replied, giving it back. "So that's what Casey meant when he asked with who." Raph pieced together. You nodded. "Well? Who?" He asked. You blushed even more. "Is it someone we don't know?" You shook your head. "Casey?"

"Hell no!" You said. He chuckled. 

"Mikey?" You frowned at the thought. "Donnie?" You blushed slightly. He grinned. "Heh, goodluck." Was all he said before leaving the dojo. You sighed. You put the book in your bag and then went to see Donnie. You walked into his lab and waved to him. He smiled and waved back.

"Hey (Y/n), you wanna come and help me quick?" He asked. You nodded. You helped him with his chemicals and he thanked you. 

"H-hey (Y/n)? Can I ask you something?" He asked. You nodded.

"Sure!" You replied.

"W-what....what should someone do if they like someone, but they don't know if that person likes them back?" He asked. You felt your heat break. He wanted advice to get April on the hook.

"I would just be myself and try and show them I care, but I'm no advice expert." You said, staring at the floor. He smiled.

"Thanks!" He said. You flashed him a friendly smile, hiding your hurt underneath it. You soon left and he saw you start to leave. "Hey, you going home already?" He asked.

"Yeah, I don't want my mom to get worried." You said.

"I'll walk you home." He offered. You smiled.

"Thanks Donnie." At least he cared about you.

"No problem!" He replied. You both walked out of the lair and talked as you walked along.

"So, what are your experiments for this time?" You asked.

"I'm still working on my retro-mutagen. I hope I can get it right soon, so we can mutate April's dad back. I really hate seeing her so unhappy." He said. You felt jealousy at the mention of April, but you hid it.

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