Screen Time (Donnie x Reader)

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You were on the internet most of the time. You loved meeting people there, even if it was just words on a screen. Talking to people (who you felt that you could trust) was fun! It was always pretty interesting when you met someone new. You mostly talked to your friends though. Your friends would introduce you to other friends though. Overall you just loved talking to people.

Donnie's POV

I sighed. Mikey had been on my computer again chatting to some online 'friends' of his. I was just glad he didn't try to go out and meet them. I was about to log off when a message popped up on a little chat bubble icon. Out of my curiosity, I shrugged and clicked it. 

???: 'Heya Mikester! Got bored so I thought I could talk to you! Are ya there?' I was very curious now. They must've been close if she knew his real name. That or Mikey is plain stupid. I typed a message and replied.

Me: 'No, this isn't Mikey. He uses my computer to chat with people. I'm his brother. Sorry.'

???: 'Oh! He's told me about you three! Which one are you?'

Me: 'Donnie.'

???: 'Ah, brainy guy am I correct?'

Me: 'Yeah. Smartest one in the family.' I bragged a little. I had to admit, this was enjoyable.

???: 'Nice. Good to meet you Donnie. I'm (Y/n). And, just to clarify, I am also a girl.' I chuckled a bit.

Me: 'Nice to meet you too (Y/n).'

(Y/n): 'So, do you have any medias? You could stop using Mikey's account that way.'

Me: 'No. I don't. I could make one though.' 

(Y/n): 'Sweet! Click on my chat icon and write the name down. That's who I am on this site. Search me up when you're done and when you find my picture click that and friend me! See ya soon! ;3' I chuckled at the winky face she'd made.

Me: 'I'm on it. See ya.' A few minutes later I was set up. I had no ideas so I just named myself similar to what Mikey did. Mikey had 'PizzaNinja15' so I did 'ScienceNinja15'. I friended her and she instantly started chatting with me again.

(Y/n): 'Nice name dude.'

Me: 'Thanks.'

(Y/n): 'So, what do you do to pass your time?'

Me: 'Mostly science and machine stuff. I fix stuff around here and since I'm the brainy one I'm always working with chemicals and stuff.'

(Y/n): 'Seems like a bust life style. I mean that and training? That's already half my day chewed up.'

Me: 'Mikey told you we're ninjas didn't he?'

(Y/n): 'Yep.'

Me: 'Is that all he said?'

(Y/n): 'Yeah. He just said you guys were ninjas. It's what you do. Isn't your weapon a staff?'

Me: 'Yeah! Although there are downsides to waving a stick around...'

(Y/n): 'XD Lol. If I had one I'd be like, FEAR ME AND MY STICK! I'LL SMACK ALL OF YALS OFF A CLIFF!' I laughed a bit. She was funny. I wished I could've met her face to face, but she'd probably scream. 

Me: 'Yeah, if only I had a few cliffs around.' I joked along.

(Y/n): 'The deadliest combo! Stick + cliff! XD'

Me: 'Yep!' 

(Y/n): 'Heh, anyway I gotta go. DINNER IS BAE! See ya later Don!'

Me: 'Bye (Y/n)!' Man, that was great! I thought. I really did like talking with her. She was nice. I hope Mikey wouldn't get mad at me for using his account for that little bit. Anyway, after that I went back to my work. For some reason, I couldn't stop wondering if she lived around here. I would like to see what she looks like....

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