Betrayed (Donnie x Reader)

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You were waiting for Donnie to come. He had told you he'd come and stop by tonight. You hoped he'd keep his word. Soon the purple clad turtle showed up at your window. You smiled. You quickly let him in and he smiled down at you.

"Hey (Y/n)." He said, hugging you. You hugged back.

"Hi Donnie." You said. "I missed you." You said.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. There was a lot going on and I wouldn't have been much fun if you had come to visit." He said.

"It's okay. I understand. You're busy a lot. You have a lot on your shoulders. All of you guys do." You said. He smiled.

"Thanks for understanding dove." He said. You and Donnie had been dating for almost a year now. You'd been through a lot together. Everything from mutagen hunts to Kraang invasions. You both loved each other very much. "Hey, for not getting mad at me, I'm gonna make it up to you." He said. He scooped you up and carried you downstairs to the couch. He plopped you down and grabbed a few blankets. He cuddled up next to you and wrapped the blankets around you both. "Tonight, I'm all yours love." He said. You smiled.

"Thanks Donnie." You said. You grabbed the remote and you both watched a movie together. He wrapped one arm around your waist, pulling you even closer. You smiled and laid your head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of your head and said,

"I love you dove." You smiled.

"I love you too Don." You both watched movies, had pizza, and chatted together for most of the night. When you got tired he picked you up and carried you to your room. He laid you down and then he laid down behind you. His arms  wrapped around you from behind and he snuggled up to you. His face was buried in your neck and he gave it a little kiss.

"Night dove." He said.

"Night Donnie." 

Donnie's POV

*In the morning*

"" I groaned as I woke up to my phone. It was on the nightstand behind me. I was still holding (Y/n) close to me. I smiled for a moment before my phone buzzed again. I sighed and reached back to grab it. I carefully maneuvered her so that way I wouldn't wake her up. I answered my phone.

"Hello?" I said tiredly. 

"Donnie where are you!? It's broad daylight and you've been gone all night and morning!" I head Leo's angry voice shout from the other end. I looked outside. The sun was already rising and I frowned.

"Oops. Sorry Leo. I meant to wake up before sunrise." I said.

"Wake up? You mean you were asleep!?" He shouted.

"I'm at (Y/n)'s so calm down." I hissed back.

"Oh of course you were there ALL NIGHT! I should've guessed!" He said.

"Well sorry for wanting to spend time with her!" I snapped back quietly.

"Well it's going to be harder getting home without being spotted now! You better be careful!" He said.

"How about I just wait until tonight?" I muttered dryly, not intending for him to hear me.

"That'd probably be better." He said. I was stunned.

"Wait seriously?" I asked.

"If it means you won't get spotted, then fine. Take the day off and come home as soon as possible!" He said.

"Alright, alright." I said. "I'll see ya later." I said.

"Bye. And remember, as soon as possible!" He said.

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