*Request* Lock Down (Mikey x Reader)

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You were drawing in your English class. You beyond bored since you'd already gotten that day's work done. You sighed. Nothing ever happens around here. This is so lame. You thought. You suddenly heard the principal's voice over the speaker.

"Attention! We are now in a real lock down! I repeat, this is a REAL lock down! Everyone quickly get to your places!" You felt your heart speed up. You snagged your backpack since it had all your stuff in it. Some of the other kids did too. The point was to have stuff to throw at the intruder to give the teacher enough time to hopefully get their weapon or capture them. You cowered in the corner with one of your friends by your side. 

Everything was dead silent, unlike the practice lock down drills where there would always be kids whispering to each other. You saw a few of the girls crying in fear and some of the boys looked ready to fight to the death if that's what it came to. You did your best to stay calm. Suddenly, you heard screaming a what sounded like a loud roar and then a howl. 

"Evacuate!" Your teacher said. You all hurried away. You had your bag with you. You honestly hadn't thought to take it off. It felt like it wasn't even there with your new surge of fear driven strength. They hurried out and onto the roof top since you were on the top floor. Despite wanting to run as fast as you could, you made sure nobody was left behind. You went out last as the rest of your class along with all the others fled the building. 

You were about to follow them, but then the steal doors that were supposed to keep people out busted in and flew in front of your path. You screamed in surprise and terror. You saw a glimpse of orange striped fur before bolting to a different room to hide. You dove under the teachers desk and stayed there, holding your hands over your mouth to silence your heavy breaths. You heard heavy footsteps enter the room. 

"Where did that little cub go?" You heard a deep, growling voice say.

"She's here somewhere. I can smell her." Another deep, raspy voice said.

"We must retrieve one human for Shredder. He plans to experiment on them with the new mutagen formula." You were crying by now. Your body was shaking and it took all of your strength to stay absolutely silent. 

"And you broke the security cameras right?" 

"Yes. We should be fine."

"I hope all this is worth it Tiger Claw." 

"It will be." The footsteps sounded around the room and you were as stiff as a stone when they got closer. You heard growling and you saw a long black claw like hand reach under and grip the desk. You held your breath, too terrified to do anything at all except stare in horror. Then, at the last second you heard,

"Hey Tiger Claw! Rahzar! How about you pick on someone your own size instead of a school of humans?" 

"The turtles!? I thought you only came out at night." Rahzar mocked. 

"Not when it's this serious! Get them!" You heard a much more mature voice order. You heard fighting. You gained the courage to peek out from under the desk. You saw six mutants. Four were turtles in ninja gear wearing different colored masks. The other two were a giant tiger and dead almost zombie like wolf mutant. You were shocked as the two attackers fought the four turtles. I've gotta run while I have a chance! You thought. You cautiously began to crawl out. You waited for a window. Not yet....not yet.... One of the turtles kicked the wolf mutant away from the door and it was wide open. NOW! You bolted faster than lighting out of the room.

"There!" You heard Rahzar yell. You heard an angry roar from Tiger Claw and when you looked over your shoulder you saw him right behind you. You screamed and dove forward doing a front flip to avoid his deadly claws that were reached out to grab you. He missed luckily. You raced onward down the hall.

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