Fighting My Heart (Mikey x Reader)

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You were reading one of your books in the lair. It was a calmer day. You were enjoying the quiet lair. It wasn't too often that everything was this peaceful. You looked up just to take a quick look around and you noticed Mikey wasn't around. Where'd he go? You wondered. You shrugged it off and closed you book. You set it aside and stretched in your seat on the couch. Suddenly you were drenched in water. You yelped as the cold splashed your back and the back of your head. The others looked toward you in surprise, but it wasn't long until you all were pelted with balloons. You saw Mikey laughing. You chuckled. You didn't mind that he'd hit you, but the others had different ideas.

"MIKEY!!!" They shouted at the same time. He stopped laughing. 

"Oh come on guys! I was just trying to have some fun!" He said innocently. You swallowed. Oh no. 

"You always do whatever you can to tick us off don't you!?" Raph yelled.

"It was just a joke!" He defended.

"Just a joke huh? Here's my joke then!" Raph growled. He tackled Mikey. You gasped and watched in shock and fear as he hurt him. Leo and Donnie pulled him off and he calmed down a bit, but Mikey still looked afraid.

"Enough Raph!" Leo said. You sighed in relief. He was on Mikey's side. Or at least you thought he was.

"But he's right! He's always messing around! His stupid balloons and pranks are driving me crazy!" Donnie yelled.

"Mikey enough is enough. Stop messing around. We hate dealing with it." Leo said. He looked hurt. He glared at them. 

"Fine!" He snapped and went to his room. You felt bad for him.

"You guys just don't understand him." You said and began to follow him.

"What's not to understand!? You're always standing up for him! He hit you too!" Raph said.

"I'M NOT A JERK TO MY OWN BROTHER!" You shouted. "All of you are so harsh to him! Try actually being him! I bet you'd all realize pretty fast just how hard it is!" You snapped and left. You knocked on his door. "Mikey? It's me. Can I come in?" You asked. You heard a sad sounding 'sure' and walked in. He was sitting on his bed curled up and staring at nothing. You walked over. "You okay? He didn't hurt you did he?" You asked.

"I'm fine." He replied. You frowned. 

"I'm sorry. They don't understand it. I know you were just trying to have fun. I didn't mind it." You said.

"Yeah whatever." He replied. You sighed.

"You wanna talk about it?" You asked. 

"No." He replied bitterly. You'd never seen him like this. You hugged him.

"I'm here for you Mikey." You promised. He looked at you in slight confusion. You smiled at him softly. "I promise I'll be here for you okay? You'll always have me." You said. He hugged back and nodded. He said nothing, but you knew he didn't know what to say. You let the comforting silence stay for a few moments before telling him, "I care about you. I'll never stop caring either." You said. You gave him a small kiss on the cheek to make him feel better. He smiled a bit.

"Thanks." He replied.

Over the next few days you'd been seeing Mikey around less and less. He would always say he was going skating boarding, but you were starting to have your doubts. One night you followed him, geared up just in case something happened. 

You suddenly lost track of him. You looked around, but growled in frustration. Where did he go? You wondered. Suddenly you heard his voice.

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