*Request* My Girl (Donnie x Shy!Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead)

You yelped as you narrowly dodged a shot from one of the Kraang. You with terrified and bleeding from your leg. You suddenly ran into a dead end. You gasped. You were trapped you hunkered down, hoping they wouldn't find you. You were unfortunately out of luck. They found you and you cried as you got ready for them to kill you.

"No!" You heard someone shout. Suddenly the Kraang droids were taken down one by one. You were shocked at the sight in front of you. A turtle with a staff and a purple mask was fighting them off. His moves seemed planned and exact. You admired how confidently he fought. When the last droid fell he turned to you. He quickly put his staff away and came over, checking your bleeding wound.

"It's going to need stitches. Come with me. I can help." He said. Your hair fell into your face as you looked down shyly. You gave a small nod with a tiny 'okay'. He picked you up and you let him carry you away. He took you to his home and rushed you to what appeared to be his lab. He gave you strong pain killers to numb your leg and then he got to work.

"What happened to get you tangled up with the Kraang?" He asked. 

"T-they found me watching them. I-I was curious." You said quietly. He nodded.

"I'm Donatello. You can call me Donnie." He said.

"(Y/n)." You said, avoiding eye contact. He smiled.

"That's a pretty name." He said. You blushed a little.

"Thank you. I like yours too." You said with a shy smile. He blushed too. As he finished fixing up your wound you saw three other turtles come in.

"Who is that?" One in blue asked.

"She was being hunted by the Kraang. I brought her here so I could patch her up." Donnie replied. "(Y/n), this is Leo, Raph, and Mikey." He said.

"What up?" Mikey said, but Raph smacked him right afterward. You chuckled a little.

"Hi." You said. They all seemed friendly enough. Raph was kind of the tough type so he wasn't nice but he wasn't rude to you either. Soon enough they left and Donnie said that he'd help you get more comfortable.

"After tonight, you should have a good place to rest. I don't mind sharing my room for a bit." He said. You smiled, blushing again and avoiding eye contact. You always did have confrontation issues, but if only you knew how ADORABLE you looked to him.

"I-I'd like that." You said. He smiled and picked you up. He took you to his room and laid you down. He tucked you in before laying down beside you. He made sure you had space though. You were grateful he was that considerate. "Thank you Donnie. For everything." You said. He smiled.

"Anything to help." He replied. You both then got settled and went to sleep.

*2 weeks later*

You walked into the lair and waved hello to the boys. They waved back. You went to the lab to see what Donnie was doing. He had fallen asleep on his desk....again. You giggled. You walked over and gently shook him while saying his name. He woke up and looked up at you. You giggled.

"You fell asleep again shell brain." You said. He blushed and chuckled, embarrassed.

"I-I don't try to." He said. You smiled.

"I know. I just don't wanna have to be you're alarm clock!" You said. You both laughed a little. "So, what where you dreaming about?" You asked. He looked stunned.

"M-me?" He asked.

"I'm not the one who fell asleep." You replied. 

"I-it's not important!" He said quickly, turning away to avoid your gaze. You frowned.

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