Lost Without You (Leo x Hybrid Mutant!Reader)

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(This takes place while the turtles are at the farm house.)

You were running through the city, rushing to escape. Shredder had made Stockman create you. You had been captured by the Kraang and given to Shredder for his tests. You were now a hybrid mutant. You were running for your life from Tiger Claw. He was right on your tail. Suddenly a snake mutant saved you and distracted him. You didn't have time to thank her. You kept running until you were far away from the city. You followed the road, hungry and weak from everything that you'd been through. Still, you hiked onward. You kept going until you made it to a forest. You trudged along until you found a cave. You walked in and then collapsed onto the ground. You laid there, panting as the rain started to fall outside. You listened to it as you slowly were taken by sleep.

*The next day*

You woke up and stretched. You yawned and stood up on your four deer legs. You were a three way hybrid. You had white feathered wings, a long wolf like tail, wolf fangs, wolf ears, a deer's body, with wolf legs. You also still had a little bit of remaining features from your normal body like your hair length and color and then your eye color.

 You also still had a little bit of remaining features from your normal body like your hair length and color and then your eye color

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You got up and kept walking. You were starving and your ribs were beginning to show since Shredder hadn't treated you the best when you'd refused to serve him. You sniffed the air and you could smell food not far away. You padded along toward it, hoping you'd be able to snag a few bites at least. You found a strawberry bush. You smiled and started eating the fresh berries. They stained your muzzle pink, but you licked it off and kept looking for food. You soon found a pond. You bent down to take a drink. As you did you heard what sounded like an arrow. Before you could react you felt something in your side. You let out a deer like cry and fell over. Hurried footsteps came toward you.

"Oh my god! What have I done!? Guys! Guys! Help!"  You saw a flash of blue and a lot of green as your vision blurred and you passed out. 

You woke up laying on hay bails. You groaned a little and lifted your head. You were shocked as you saw two humans and two mutant turtles. One had a purple mask the other had a red mask. You shrieked and shot to your paws.

"Whoa!" The red masked turtle exclaimed.

"Look out!" The male human said.

"We've gotta calm it down!" The purple said. The girl got a hold of you.

"Hey! Hey! It's okay! We aren't going to hurt you! Calm down." She said as you stopped bucking and trying to get away. You were breathing hard and still afraid. "That's it. Easy girl." She said. Her words actually did calm you down. You let her pet you and you relaxed and laid down. "Aw, she's cute." The girl said.

"I guess she is kinda cute." The boy agreed.

"Yeah, sure. Now what do we do with her?" The red clad turtle asked.

"Well, she clearly needs food and water. It's a lucky thing Leo didn't get a good shot on her. It would've killed her otherwise." The other turtle replied. You listened. Leo...he must be the one in blue then. You thought. You decided not to speak. You didn't fully trust these people.

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