My Own Family (Raph x Pregnant!Reader)

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(JUST FOR CLARIFICATION I AM DOING THIS WITH YOU AND RAPH AT THE AGE OF 19! NO YOU ARE STARTING A FAMILY AT AGE 15! Stay in school all you younger people. You got your entire life to have a child and/or love life. And if you have a life 'because we all know I don't' then it's your choice what to do with it.)

You were reading in the lair. You had moved in not too terribly long ago because of Raphael. You'd met the red clad turtle when he'd saved you from the Kraang along with his brothers. You had been friends for a few months before he'd confessed to you and you'd become a couple. That had been 3 and 1/4 years ago. A year after you'd started dating you'd moved in with them. You'd become a trained member of the team and the boys saw you as family. Raphael was protective of you, but he trusted you completely. He was a loving boyfriend and he was perfect for you. 

You had been feeling a little sick lately. Nothing serious, just a stomach bug or something. Still, it was bothering you. Maybe I should ask Don to give me a check up. You thought. You placed the bookmark into the book you were reading before shutting it and getting up. You walked over to the lab and poked your head in. Donnie looked up and spotted you. 

"Hey (Y/n). What's up?" He asked as you came inside.

"I've been feeling kinda sick to the stomach. I was wondering if I could have a quick check up?" He smiled and nodded.

"Sure thing! Come on, sit down over here." He said. You followed his instructions. He got some doctor tools that he had and came over to you. He checked everything he needed to, but he didn't find anything. You sighed.

"Maybe it's just cramps or something." You said.

"Yeah. If you keep having trouble just come talk to me. I'm sure it'll pass." He said. You nodded and thanked him. You left and you saw Raph and Leo come out of the dojo. They had been training together while Mikey was playing a video game. Raph spotted you and smiled. He came over and hugged you.

"Hey sweetheart. Ya done readin'?" He asked, his Brooklyn accent coming through. You smiled.

"Yeah. I'm done for now. I'm hungry though." You said.

"Yeah, me too. Come on." He said. You both walked to the kitchen together and you had some left over pizza. Suddenly he got up and said, "Wait here. I gotta get something." You did as he said and waited. When he came back he was holding something behind his back.

"What are you hiding?" You asked. He pulled out a small box of (fav candy). You smiled.

"You think I'd forget about today?" He asked. You chuckled as he sat down next to you and gave you a short kiss. "I'd never forget the day when you came into my life." He said.

"Yeah, me either." You agreed.

"I love you baby." He said.

"I love you too Raph." You replied. He smiled and you blushed a little as he kissed you. You'd always loved it when he gave you attention like this. You were the only one that was allowed to see this side of him. Underneath his tough act he had a huge heart that cared so deeply about you. 

Suddenly you felt sick. You pulled back and groaned in pain. Raph looked worried.

"You okay?" He asked.

"S-sorry. My stomach has been acting up lately." You said. He frowned. He picked you up and carried you to his room. He laid you down and then laid down next to you.

"Rest up okay? I'm right here if you need me." He said. You smiled and nodded. He kissed your forehead. "I hope you feel better soon sweetheart." He said as you drifted to sleep.

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