Mesmerized (Leo x Reader)

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Leo's POV

We were all pretty excited. April and Casey had told us about this huge Halloween event happening at the city square. Mikey had instantly wanted to go. Since it was Halloween, it was the one night we could go out without standing out too much. 

I honestly was pretty excited, but I remembered that we had to be careful. We couldn't just be going crazy and bringing all the attention to ourselves. April was going as a cop and Casey was just going to wear his hockey mask and everything. We weren't dressing up because people would already think we were dressed up. 

Mikey was practically exploding with excitement. He'd looked it up online and apparently a very famous local singer was performing, but the singer was a mystery. There'd been roomers that it was this girl...(Y/n) I think was her name. Mikey couldn't wait to see her perform, if it was her that is.

Donnie was excited because he was going to a party with April. If there was dancing, I knew he was bound to ask her for a dance. I think that's the main reason he wanted to go, not because of the actual party. 

Raph said he thought it was stupid and that we should just walk around instead of a big crowded party, but I knew he was lying. I knew he wanted to go. I was pretty obvious when Mikey had mentioned the mystery singer. He'd lost his cool for a second and asked who it could be. That had given it away. I knew he was just as excited to go as the rest of us.

Soon, it was time to go. We all made sure we were ready to go. We'd be meeting up with April and Casey on the way there, since we'd be passing April's place on the route to the square anyway. Splinter came over to us.

"Be careful, my sons. Publicity can be dangerous in these type of circumstances. Be sure to just stick with April and Casey. Talk to minimal people and stay alert. Shredder or the Kraang might see this as an opportunity as well." He said.

"Hai Sensei." We said, bowing to him respectfully.

"I hope you have fun, my sons." He said.

"Let's do this bros!" Mikey cheered. 

"This is gonna be awesome!" Donnie agreed.

"Party time!" Raph agreed.

"Let's go!" I said and we took off. We hurried to the surface and raced down the streets to April's. We passed kids and adults of all kinds, all dressed up for the night. Some of the adults were dressed up and some weren't. We made it to April's and her and Casey came out. They looked excited too. Donnie was blushing insanely.

"Y-you look r-really n-nice April." He said.

"Thanks Donnie!" She replied.

"Come on, I wanna get there before it gets too crowded!" Casey said. We all hurried off. We got there fairly early. A stage was set up and it looked AWESOME!

 A stage was set up and it looked AWESOME!

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