Born from Flames (Raph x Hybrid!Reader)

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You crept through the streets, your ears flat and your body tense. You were fully alert, aware that anybody could be watching. You were a hybrid between a turtle and a wolf. You had a white fluffy wolf tail, a bright green shell, long turtle like arms and legs, white wolf ears, and a small white muzzle with a cute pink nose. Your skin was smooth and light green colored. You could switch between walking on two legs or four legs. You had a bit of padding on your hands and feet. Claws could come out of your finger tips and the tips of your toes too. You only had three fingers per hand/foot. The front of your smooth shell was golden yellow. You were very beautiful for a mutant. 

Your hand splashed in a puddle and you bounded forward, trying to keep a steady pace to stay elusive. You heard something above you. You looked up, eyes wide and ears flattened. You had been scared of getting caught ever since one human had tried to catch and dissect you. You scampered along, trying to get away. Suddenly, you were surrounded by people in full on black body suits. Their eyes glowed red. Your tail was tucked between your legs. You stood your ground, claws out.

Suddenly, a ninja star was in one of their heads. They sparked out and collapsed. Robots? You thought, surprised. Still, you saw your window. You bolted for it, whipping around the corner. You kept running, but a metal trap sprung up. You yelped in pain and you were tangled in metal wires and chains. The wire bit into your skin, causing you to bleed slightly. You whimpered in pain. You struggled, but it just dug in deeper. 

Then, four mutants surrounded you. You felt terror. They had weapons and looked threatening. You whimpered in distress, twisting to get away. The wires cut into your skin and you let out a sharp bark of pain.

"Whoa! Hey, it's okay! We're gonna get you out okay?" The turtle wearing a purple mask said. He smelled of chemicals and that scent stung your noise. You whimpered, pulling back. 

"She's not listening." The blue masked turtle said.

"Maybe she doesn't understand?" The orange one suggested. You spotted one wearing a red mask. He looked strong and slightly concerned. His eyes were bright green. His red mask framed them perfectly. You sniffed the air. He smelled like pizza and a little bit of sweat. You calmed down, his presence helping you relax a little. 

"Hey...Raph, try petting her through the wire." The purple said.


"She saw you and then calmed down." The purple replied. 

"Maybe she thinks you're nice!" The orange agreed. Raph sighed. He approached you and reached out. He scratched your ears and your body relaxed. He smiled a little.

"Can you hold still for me?" He asked. You gave a tiny bark. The purple masked turtle began to snip the wire and soon they were able to pull it off of you. You shook off your body. You looked at the one called Raph. You padded up to him. He smiled. He pet your head and you smiled. Your tail started wagging happily. 

"Well, that went pretty well." The blue masked turtle said.

"Who'd have thought anything could like big grumpy Raph!" The orange teased. Raph glared at him.

"Shut up Mikey!" He said.

"So...what is she?" The blue asked.

"Looks like a hybrid mutant. Turtle" The purple said.

"Wolf actually." You said, finally deciding to speak. They all jumped back.

"YOU CAN TALK!?" Mikey exclaimed.

"Yeah. I'm not stupid. I have human intelligence just like you." You said. You stood up on two legs.

"Then why were you scared of me?" The purple asked.

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