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Loving Raph Is Red (TMNT) ✔ by someanonwriter
Loving Raph Is Red (TMNT) ✔by anon
SMUT/LOVESTORY: A girl accidentally sees Raphael and his brothers along the sewer while she was casually hanging around her apartment's rooftop. Raphael being himself, t...
  • ninjaturtles
  • raphael
  • tmntraphael
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The Shadow's Secret│TMNT [1] ✓ by AfterDaybreak
The Shadow's Secret│TMNT [1] ✓by AfterDaybreak
❝When I looked in his eyes . . . it was like I could see the stars again. And I wanted nothing more in my heart than to stargaze.❞ - Raiya has never been normal. And aft...
  • tmntfanfic
  • raphxoc
  • leonardo
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The Singer and The Leader in Blue (Leonardo Love Story by turtlewriter19
The Singer and The Leader in Blue...by turtlewriter19
My name is Talia Evelyn and I'm twenty one years old. I live in the New York with my best friend, April O'Neil who works for channel 6 with Vern Fenwick, her cameraman...
  • 2014
  • movie
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
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Captured by tmntfishface
Capturedby tmntfishface
Subsequent to the battle of the turtles vs. Shredder, Leonardo gets captured. After being tortured and with little to eat or drink in a small cell, Shredder demands answ...
  • captured
  • katana
  • leo
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios [HIATUS] by toughcookies01
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios [HIATUS]by Cookie
[I'M ON HIATUS WITH THIS BOOK UNTIL I GET MORE IDEAS OR INSPIRATION!] If you think I'm weird or disgusting for making this book Y/n, let me ask you one question. WHY ARE...
  • tmnt2014
  • lemon
  • love
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CONNECTED [TMNT Leonardo x Reader] by bootyshaker9000
CONNECTED [TMNT Leonardo x Reader]by вℓυє
WEᒪCOME TO iCATCᕼER! where you will catch the apple of your eye! ▌incoming request ▌ @lameᴏweirdo (Hamato, Leonardo) ❝i was forced to do this p.s. my brothers messed...
  • turtles
  • leonardo
  • leo
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TMNT Scenarios [DISCONTINUED] by just_1me
TMNT Scenarios [DISCONTINUED]by Jiminie Cricket
Ever wondered what it would be like to meet a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle and become best friends with him!? Of course you have. This story is about scenarios starring...
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
  • raph
  • mikey
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Where did my pervs go?  (TMNT) -complete- by XxCyberBunnyxX
Where did my pervs go? (TMNT) -co...by Anime is gay
sequel to ' mikey!, target of the pervs ' Mikey feels strange, and he can't help what he says..... or dose XD Warning: pure crack, no seriousness whatsever.... oh, and i...
  • perverts
  • leo
  • raphxmikey
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Heart Of A Wolf (Raphael X Reader) by LittieRazzleDazzle
Heart Of A Wolf (Raphael X Reader)by Razz
||Highest Ranking: #2 Raphael|| Before her mutation, (Y/n) was just a normal teenage girl. Now she's a shapeshifter, a freak, a monster. Four mutant turtles helped her e...
  • wattys2018
  • leonardo
  • michelangelo
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TMNT Oneshots by heart_with_wings
TMNT Oneshotsby heart_with_wings
Includes x readers, ships, and tcest. No ocs /names though. Contains some mature content. I do not own TMNT.
  • tmnt2k12
  • tmnt
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
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Raphael's love- x reader by talkabouta-b
Raphael's love- x readerby Taeke a Kookie
What if you met the love of your life and he just happened to be a mutant turtle? What would happen then? Come find out in this story! #2 in #tmnt #1 in Raphael #2 in R...
  • love
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
  • funniest
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TMNT X Reader Boyfriend Scenarios by moonmusiic
TMNT X Reader Boyfriend Scenariosby ☾
One can tell what this is but if you don't know.......... ITS A TMNT BOYFRIEND SCENARIOS BOOK! Hope you like reading it! Started: 10/29/15 Ended: 1/29/18
  • tmntboyfriendscenarios
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
  • fanfiction
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TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD) by spiritwing13
TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD)by Spiritwing13
No matter who you are, you have a special place in all of our beautiful boys hearts. You have everything from fluff to all out wars beside our team of four. You are (Y/n...
  • xreader
  • leoxreader
  • tmnt
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Various X Reader One shots! by Charlattee
Various X Reader One shots!by .charlattee.
We all have had that awkward time in our lives when we have had or still have a crush on a person or thing that isn't real. If you are reading this book then you probabl...
  • marvel
  • totaldrama
  • nickelodeon
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios (2014-2016 version) by stormsatnight
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios (2014-201...by Angelina
Says all in the title ^^ Warning ⚠️🔥: There is cussing in this, so please if you are not ok with it just skip it or don't read! It's not super bad, just a little...
  • romance
  • donatello
  • cute
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios  by Dat_TMNT_Geek
TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by ~Ltotheizo~
It all started with you snapping a picture of him and his brothers.... What happens when you get to know him??? Read to find out!
  • tmntxreader
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
  • tmntboyfriendscenarios
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More TMNT boyfriend scenarios by LikeATurtleDo
More TMNT boyfriend scenariosby LikeATurtleDo
Weeelll I see a bunch of these and decided, hey why not add to the mix! These are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle boyfriend scenarios. I hope you guys like it. Please don't...
  • leo
  • boyfriend
  • mastersplinter
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'Unique Couples' - TMNT boyfriend scenarios by SirFlabsAlot98
'Unique Couples' - TMNT boyfriend...by Abi_p_98
If you love the turtles you'll love this. :) dont actaully own the tmnt or any other characters used in story
  • leo
  • donnie
  • romances
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One Shots, Imagines, And Preferences (Under Major Revising!) by MusicMoviesLover
One Shots, Imagines, And Preferenc...by MusicMoviesLover
Hello! This is a random one shots, imagines, and preferences. I know most fandoms our there but just comment or message me for who you would like. Even if I don't know t...
  • shot
  • bbcdoctorwho
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
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TMNT: Boyfriend Scenarios!! by Janelle-
TMNT: Boyfriend Scenarios!!by Kitten :3
Hai guys! I'm here doing a Boyfriend Scenario for the four brothers we all love. (Y/N)- Your name (F/C)- favorite color (F/F)- favorite food (H/C)- hair color (E/C)- ey...
  • teenagemutantninjaturtles
  • raph
  • boyfriendscenarios
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