Blossoms (Mikey x Mystic!Reader)

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(This takes place when the turtles are at the farmhouse. Eye color and hair color depends on you. That picture above is you in your nature form. Things will be explained as you read.)

You were sleeping on a giant lily-pad in the middle of a big pond. You loved snoozing over the water. It was nice and peaceful. You listened to the birds chirping away happily in the trees. You could heard the baby deer playing around as the adults kept an eye on them. You were a friend to every form of nature. 

You were a creature called a Mystic. Mystics were a part of every single thing in nature. You were a part of the plants, water, weather, elements, animals, and sky. You had magical nature abilities and you were good with all forms of life in nature. The adult deer knew you weren't a threat and so did the birds and other small animals around. You did have a predator side, but you were always respectfully and smart with what you hunted. You were an omnivore so you often switched between the two to keep balance in what life forms you ate.

You were also a part of the most known powerful force in nature. Humans. You could change into a human like form and you could use your powers to hide that you were a Mystic. It came in very useful when humans were around. 

Suddenly, you heard an alarm call from one of the deer. They took off and you were up and alert in seconds. You saw a fawn had tripped and it let out a high pitched cry. You quickly hurried over to it, leaping of the lily-pad. You helped it up. It raced along to it's mother and then they took off. You looked around for a threat. Your large ears swiveled around in all directions, trying to locate what had made the animals run. You heard the sound of a bow being drawn back. You froze. Hunter! You thought, alarmed. You knew they weren't aiming at you though. As soon as you had heard the deer alarm calls, you had used your magic to hide yourself from whatever the threat might have been. You growled in anger. Nothing is going to disturb the balance today! 

You looked around for the hunter. You heard them take aim at a deer that was trying to hide. It was a female deer and that deer was a mother. It was cheeking to see if it was safe. You had to get the animals away from there.

"RANA!" You shouted. The animals knew that command meant run. Animals bolted and fled in many different directions. Soon enough the area was clear. You knew the hunter hadn't heard your alarm call because of your magic. You heard a heavy sigh. Someone dropped down from a tree.

"I can't even hunt. The guys will just think I'm a joke." You turned and your eyes widened. A mutant turtle with ninja gear and an orange mask was standing there. "I don't even wanna hurt the animals! Why do I have to do this?" He said, upset. You frowned. You made yourself visible. You walked over. You heard your footsteps and his eyes widened. "WHAT THE HECK!?"

"It's alright. I'm a friend! I'm the one that told the animals to run. I'm what is known as a Mystic. Mystics are a part of every single thing in nature. You are a part of the plants, water, weather, elements, animals, and sky. We have magical nature abilities and we're good with all forms of life in nature." You explained. He looked stunned, but he smiled.

"Whoa! Cool!" He said. "I thought you were some type of mutant."

"No, I'm not a mutant. But I have never seen a mutant before. You are a new part of nature to me." You said, sitting down.

"What can you do?" He asked.

"I can hide myself from danger, as you saw, I can morph forms and hide that I am a Mystic, and I can control and make certain things form. For example I can control water and I'm the one the made that giant lily-pad grow right in the middle of that pond." You said. He smiled.

"Cool! I'm Mikey!" He said. You smiled.

"(Y/n). Nice to meet you Mikey! You wanna meet the animals?" You asked.

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