Changed (Raph x Mutated!Reader)

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You sat alone in the cell Shredder had put you in. You couldn't believe he'd done this to you. You thought he'd just kill you if you refused to tell him where he turtles where, but he'd turned you into a mutant. You were a lot like Rahzar, only you didn't look like you'd died and come back to life. You would look like a normal  wolf, but they'd starved you and scarred you. You could see your ribs and your arms were thin-ish along with your legs. You still refused to tell them anything. You also had a full on wolf form. You were in that form at the moment. You were what they called a shape-shifter mutant. To them you were a miserable dying creature, but you had been told what you'd been turned into at least. In your humanoid form you looked like your normal self other than a few features that carried over. You still had your tail, fangs, and wolf ears that replaced your human ears. 

Soon Shredder came. You glared at him. You still had enough strength to run if you got the chance. You stood on your four paws, growling at him. 

"So, still determined to keep your mouth shut?" He said, a hint of anger in his voice. You snarled at him. "If you tell me where they are I'll let you go and you can live freely. You can do what you wish. Deny, and you'll soon regret it." He said. You leaped clawing at the metal bars, your muzzle just barely able to slip through the bars.

"I'D RATHER DIE!" You snarled. He glared at you through his helmet. 

"Very well. It is time we broke you Miss (L/n). You will regret fighting back for those worthless turtles and that miserable rat." He said. "Tigerclaw!" He called. The big tiger came into view.

"Yes Master Shredder?" He said.

"Take her to Baxter Stockman. I think it's time he added one last feature onto this mutt." Shredder said coldly. You were afraid. 

"What are you going to do to me!? AREN'T I MUTATED ENOUGH, YOU BASTARD!?" You yelled. He turned to you.

"I have a better idea than mutating you again." He said. "Take her!" He ordered and Tigerclaw opened the cell door. He put a muzzle with a chain leash on you. Your claws left marks on the floor as you tried to fight back. You barked and snarled at him, swiping at him when he tried to hit you.

You were dragged into Baxter's lab and chained tightly into one spot. You were trapped in a machine that held you firmly to the floor and in place. You could only wriggle slight and move your head a little. You still had the muzzle on. Tigerclaw hooked the chain to the floor so you couldn't move your head up or side to side.

"LET ME OUT YOU MONSTERS!" You screamed. 

"Not going to happen. You could've made a good pet. Shame you chose those stupid turtles over us." Tigerclaw mocked.

"Oh yeah? Thought I was hot right? Ha! Like I'd fall for you! Need me to brush your pretty fur pussy cat? Or do you want me to fetch you a bowl of milk? Skim or 2% by the way? Oh wait! I know what you want! You want me to brush your tail! Oops! I forgot! You don't have one do you? What a shame. You should be named stumpy! Or would stupid be better?" You hissed insults at him. He looked ready to claw you.

"Silence you brat!" He yelled.

"Hack up a hairball." You growled with a crazy grin. He growled at you and began to leave. "No wait! Come back kitty kitty! I wasn't done pampering you!" You teased. He growled in frustration and left. You chuckled. "Guess he missed his yarn ball too much." You chuckled to yourself.

"Heheheheheh. While I do have to work with him, I must admit, you have some clever comebacks." Baxter Bugman said as he buzzed down to you. 

"Would you like some vomit breath?" You spat with a grin. 

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