Rough Love (Raph x Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead!)

Raph's POV

I had just gotten out of a fight with Leo. I was steaming and I wanted a way to vent my anger out, but tonight I had a different idea. I would go to (Y/n). She would listen to me. I ran across roofs, kicking things like cans and garbage out of my way. I soon made it to her apartment. I jumped through her window and saw her sitting there.

"Hey Raphie!" She said.

"Hi." I growled. She frowned.

"You okay?" I blew up.

"No! It's Leo AGAIN! He always thinks he's right! He always thinks he just doing what Splinter would do! That's all he ever does is please Splinter! He's always been Splinter's favorite and it's STUPID!" I shouted. She looked shocked by my outburst.

"Raph I understand you're mad, but you didn't have to come here and take it out on me." She said. She had a stubborn personality. It was one of the reasons I loved her. She was tough. She could stand up for herself. She didn't need anyone's help, but she still had my backup anyway. Right now though, I was even more pissed. I thought she would've listened to me, but instead she comes back with that? No way. Not today missy.

"Excuse me? Who said you could talk to me like that!?" I said. She stood up facing me.

"Raph I'm not trying to make you upset. I'm just a little upset that you think you can come here and start yelling at me!" She said.

"I came here to have someone to agree with me! I came here so I'd have somebody who'd listen to me!" I said.

"I AM listening! But what right do you have to just start shouting at me!?"


"THEN JUST SHUT UP AND FUCK ME ALREADY!" She said. I was shocked. She was still glaring at me. "If you need a way to calm down then go ahead! I've been waiting for it anyway." She said. I had never thought about calming myself that way. I grinned a wolfish grin. This was going to be fun~ I attacked her, ripping her clothes off her body. I didn't actually rip them, but they were gone in less than 10 seconds. I kissed her roughly and she kissed back with the same amount of passion and roughness. Oh I loved it. I needed it now.

I took my gear off and grabbed onto her waist. Her arms rapped around my neck. I picked her up, the kiss never breaking. Her legs wrapped around my waist. We bumped into her nightstand, knocking a lamp and empty glass off it. Good thing she had carpet in her room. 

I dropped her onto the bed. I loomed over her and she was already panting from the kiss. She grinned at me. She looked like an angel like this. I was getting hard. I didn't care right now. I attacked her neck and breast, leaving my mark all over them.  She was already moaning for me. God I love this women. After I'd left bright red marks all over her, I got an idea. I rubbed her clit and she moaned louder. I grinned.

"Ya like that? Ya like it when I tease ya?" I asked.

"R-Raph~!" I grinned.

"Ya want me don't ya? Ya want me to fuck you senseless don't ya?" I said. "Well, you're not gonna get that until I decided you can have it. That's your punishment for yelling at me." I said. I slipped a finger into her and slowly moved it in and out. I knew exactly how far along she was. She wasn't even close yet, but she was going to get close before I stopped. She moaned again and again.

"Ah! R-Raph~!" She was soaked by now, her juices dripping onto the sheets. She need it, but I wasn't going to give it to her just like that. I pulled my hand away. She whimpered in protest. 

"Not yet." I said. She looked at me with pleading eyes. 

"Raph...please..." She whimpered. I grinned. I stuck my finger back into her. 

"You'll cum when I say you can or else you'll be punished even more." I growled. "Got it?" I asked, my breath brushing past her ear.

"Y-yes." She replied. I kissed her cheek.

"Good girl~" I stuck another finger in and fucked her again. She moaned louder. Her entire body was begging for it, but I wasn't done yet. I played with her breasts as I kept going. I was driving her insane. Just as she was about to reach her high I said, "Not yet. If you be a good girl and wait until I say, I might take it easy on you." That was a lie. I was going to fuck her until no other man could come even remotely close to pleasing her in the same way. She held back from cumming, biting her lip as she forced herself to control it. I grinned. Her expressions, body, and voice had already made me rock hard. She broke, just like I'd wanted her to.

"I-I can't Raphael! Please! Please let me cum~!" She begged. I thought about it. I leaned in and whispered,

"Cum baby~" She did. Her hips and thighs twitched as she finally rode out her high. I grinned at her lust filled dazed expression. I licked her cum off my fingers. She was being very good for me I had to admit. She was panting and dazed, but I was nowhere near done with her. I loomed over her a wolf like grin on my face. "Ready?" I asked. She nodded. "Good, cause I'm not waiting." I said. I instantly pushed all the way into her, causing her to scream out. I fucked her hard, gripping onto her body. She felt so perfect. She was mine now. Only mine. She's always been mine and nobody else's. If anyone touched her they'd have to answer to me. She was screaming and moaning like crazy.

"Raphael~!! Ah~!!" I grinned. 

"You like that? You like it a lot don't ya?" I growled.

"Y-yes-ah~!!" She could hardly manage an answer. I grinned. I could feel it myself now. I understood why she wanted me to let her cum now. I fucked her harder. She screamed louder, my name on her lips. It bounced off the walls. I held her tighter. It was going to be a long night.

Third Person POV

The bed rocked, threatening to break. It banged against the wall almost creating a dent, but neither Raph nor (Y/n) cared. They held onto each other as she screamed his name along with many swears. Raph kept making dirty comments as he fucked her into insanity. She screamed as she came again, her legs shaking and her cum running down his cock. Raphael wasn't done by a long shot. They kept going. Raph growled as he kept going. She was getting weak from it all. 

"R-Raph~ A-ah~ O-oh my god~!" He grinned.

"Heh, look at you. You can't even see straight can ya?" He said. She could only moan loudly in response. Soon she came again and Raph could feel himself getting close. "F-fuck!" He barked. 

"R-Raphael~!" She attempted to scream. Her voice was hoarse now from screaming so much.

"F-fuck (Y/n)!" He yelled. "Ya want it don't ya!? Ya want me to cum inside of you like the little slut you are don't you!?" He shouted, fucking her even faster.

"AH~!!" She couldn't manage an answer. Raph grinned. 

"H-heh. I knew you did~" Moments later his grip tightened as he finally finished. They both clung to each other tightly as he filled her. Once he was finished he pulled out of her, his seed dripping out of her throbbing entrance. They were both panting hard. Raph laid down next to her and pulled her in close. It was now that he realized just how much he'd done while venting off.

"R-Raphie...." She said, her voice still very hoarse. He looked at her exhausted figure. "I-I'm sorry for yelling." She said quietly. He smiled softly at her.

"It's okay sweetheart. I'm sorry for being so rough with you. I'll make it up to you baby. I promise."

(THAT'S RIGHT! I DID ANOTHER! I'll make more of each later, but for now I hope this makes all yals sinners happy~ With that said this is Spiritwing howling a goodbye! Author AHWOOOOT!)

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