Helping Love (Leo x Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead!)

You knew Leo had been stressing a ton lately. He was always training, busy, on patrols, and mostly stressing over everything that had been going on. He almost never relaxed and you wanted to take the weight of being a leader off of him for a while. You'd gone to Master Splinter and told him that you wanted one day with him. You explained that you'd been noticing how stressed Leo had been and he agreed that Leo needed some time to calm himself and relax. He agreed to help you get a day with Leo.

"I will take care of it. He shall come tomorrow night. You may stay together for however long you like, but he must back back the next night." Splinter said. You nodded.

"Hai Sensei." You said. You then went home with a smile on your face. You were going to make it the best night of his life.

Leo's POV

*The next night*

We had just gotten home from a patrol. Another fight with the Foot and I felt like I was going to snap under all of the pressure and stress. I couldn't stop. I want too, but t wasn't that easy. I had to train and I had to think of the invasion and the mutagen still around the city and-

"Leonardo." I looked up at Master Splinter.

"Yes Sensei?" I asked.

"I have noticed you are having a hard time relaxing lately." He said. Is it that obvious? I wondered nervously. I played dumb.

"What? I'm fine." I said.

"Leonardo, you need some time to relax. You should go visit (Y/n). You haven't been talking to her much lately as I recall. I think she'd appreciate you coming to see her." I knew he was right on that part. I hadn't been paying much attention to her. That was a big deal because she was my girlfriend. I have to keep everybody happy don't I? I thought with a mental sigh.

"Hai Sensei." I said. He smiled and nodded.

"You'll enjoy it my son. Now go. Take some time off. You've earned it, my son." He said. I smiled a little. That helped lift some of it off of me. I left the sewers and hurried to (Y/n)'s. The more I thought about seeing her, the more excited I got. I broke into a full on run as I hurried over buildings to her house. Her parents had well paying jobs so she had a house instead of an apartment. I thought of her parents. Would they be home? I hoped not. 

I saw her house up ahead. Her second story window was open, as if she was waiting for me. I hurried over and climbed inside. I looked around. I was shocked to see her wearing a short black dress that had a cut in front that was very showing. Candles dimly lit the room and I could smell their soothing scents around me. She was sitting on the bed and she looked beautiful. She smiled at me.

"Hey fearless." She greeted. I was still stunned.

"(Y/n) did you...?" I didn't have the words.

"I asked Master Splinter if he could help me have some time with you. I want to help you Leo." She said, wrapping her arms around me as we stood there together. 

" didn't have to do this for me." I said. 

"Leo, I know you need this." She said.

"Wait...need what exactly?" I asked. She smiled lovingly at me. 

"I'm sure you know where I'm going honey." She replied. I was shocked.

"What? (Y/n) we can't!" I said. "I'm not supposed to do things like-"

"Leo, you're the leader of your team. You're the responsible one, but even people with responsibilities need breaks." She said.

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