*Request* Experiments (Donnie x Turtle!Reader)

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Screams echoed through the Kraang base. Your screams. Your body felt like it was on fire. The Kraang kept shocking you. It hurt, but you refused to serve them. You just couldn't serve them. They were after your home. You screamed again as another round of shocks zapped your body. You didn't know how much more of this you could take. You had blisters on your body and some of them hadn't held and were now bleeding. You were on the verge of tears.

"What do you want from me!?" You yelled, glaring up at them.

"That which is called, screaming." One replied.

"Why!? What did I do!?" You yelled.

"You have refused to serve Kraang. You must be punished for rejecting Kraang." They had mutated you and put you through many experiments to make you into what they called a replica. You had no idea why, but now you knew ninjutsu and you were a turtle with a pink braided mask. (It's pink to be a symbol of the Kraang. They chose it for you.) You glared at them.

"Demons." You hissed.

"The one known as (Y/n) will not affect Kraang with names." They shocked you again and again, making you scream and bleed more. You could no longer hold back the tears. Is this how I die?

Donnie's POV

"Come on! The main data room should be this way!" I said. They followed me. I had found out that the Kraang had been trying to create more mutants. They had all kinds of DNA and we had to wipe their computers of it. We hurried past the containment rooms. Suddenly we heard screaming. It was loud and they sounded like they were in a lot of pain.

"What was that!?" Mikey asked.

"I don't know, but whatever it is it's in a lot of pain." I said.

"We've gotta help it!" Mikey said.

"Mikey's right. We can't just run past. Come on!" Leo said. We all listened and we heard it again. We followed the screams and it lead us to one of the cell areas. We looked in different ones. I peeked into one and I was shocked by what I saw. It was another turtle! She was on the floor and bleeding. I saw tears in her eyes and she looked like she would pass out at any second.

"Guys! In here!" I called quietly. They came over. They looked stunned as well. We all hide outside the door.

"How are we gonna get her out?" Raph asked.

"Dudes, I have a plan!" Mikey said.

"What is it?" Leo asked.

"Just be ready to kick some Kraang!" He said. We nodded. Mikey then impersonated one of them.

"Kraang! Kraang needs Kraang to come out and come with Kraang!" He called and we waited to ambush them. The door opened and two droids came out. Leo and Raph took them down while Mikey and I quickly took down the last two. I quickly looked over the girl. Her eyes weren't focused and she was panting and shaking.

"She's in shock. They've shocked her too many times. I don't think she even knows what's going on." I said.

"Is there anything you can do to wake her up?" Leo asked.

"I could try, but I'm not sure." I said.

"But we've gotta clear the computers!" Mikey said. 

"We aren't just going to leave her here!" Leo said.

"She needs rest and her wounds need bandages. They aren't life threatening yet, but they aren't showing any signs of stopping. I don't know how much blood she's lost and if she loses too much more I'm afraid to find out what will happen." I said. Leo nodded. 

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