*Request* Howl of Beauty (Raph x Dog Mutant!Reader)

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You were running at full speed on all four of your legs. You had to get away from the Kraang. You could take down a few, but a whole patrol was another thing. You knew some basic fighting moves, but nothing huge. The Kraang had mutated you and they were going to put you to more tests and experiments, but you escaped. You were now a Jack Russel Terrier, but you were the size of a normal human and you could stand on two legs if you wanted to. You looked very very beautiful, but since you were a mutant most people would probably see a monster first. Suddenly more came from another direction. You growled at them and attacked. You fought for as long as you could, but it was no use. There as too many of them. At the last moment, you saw a ninja star hit one in the head. You were stunned. Four mutant turtles came to your rescue. They fought of the droids and turned to you.

"Are you alright?" The one in the blue mask asked. You nodded.

"Y-yeah. *pant* Thanks." You said.

"You should come with us. It isn't safe around here." He said. They took off and you pelted after them.

"My name's (Y/n)! Thanks for the help!" You called.

"No problem. It wouldn't be the first time." The red masked turtle replied. "I'm Raph." He said. You smiled.

"Cool. I like your weapons. They're really awesome." You said. He grinned.

"Thanks." He said. You all hurried along and then you made it to the sewers. You stood up straight as you all walked along toward their home.

"Now that we're safe, I guess it's time for introductions." The blue masked turtle said. "I'm Leo."

"I'm Mikey!" The orange shouted happily.

"I'm Donnie." The purple added. You nodded.

"Nice to meet you all. I can't thank you enough for your help." You said.

"Like I said, no problem." Raph said. 

"You can stay with us for now." Leo said. You nodded. You made it to their home and you smiled. It was nice. You sat down on the couch and Raph sat down too.

"So, how'd you get tangled up with the Kraang?" He asked.

"I was one of their experiments." You replied. He nodded.

"I bet you don't have anything other than that to wear huh?" He said. You looked at your tattered shirt and shorts.

"Nope." You said. 

"Come on." He said. You followed him to his room. He handed you big baggy sweat pants and a red sweatshirt. "I have them for whenever I need them. You can borrow them until we get something else for you." You took them with a grateful smile. He left, allowing you to change in piece. 

You came out moments later with the new clothing items on. Raph smiled a little as you sat down next to him. 

"Thanks Raph." You said.

"Don't mention it." He said with a chill smile. You yawned a little and leaned against him. He blushed a bit, but said nothing. He channel surfed for a little bit until he came upon a movie he liked. You both watched it together, enjoying the silence between the two of you. His arm wrapped around your waist. It felt natural. You laid your head on his broad shoulder. You both stayed like that for the entire thing. After that he shifted. You pulled away and he got up and stretched. You got up and let out a whine like yawn. He chuckled, amused. "Tired?" You nodded. "Come on, you can stay with me. I don't mind." He said. You followed him to his room and you both relaxed together.

"Night Raph. Thanks for letting me stay with you." You said. He smiled at you.

"Night (Y/n). You're welcome." He said.

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