I have some important news

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Hey guys. Currently, I'm working on another full-fledged book. I can only work on so many things at once, so I have some news. I'm putting this book on hold. I might come back to it, but for now, I want to work on my new book that will be published soon. If you want to check it out, information will be after the announcement. Requests are now closed and I might not update this book for awhile. This isn't the end of the turtles though! I promise!

Now, for my new book. I have become a fan of a game that came out. It's called Detroit: Become Human. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! If you haven't seen or heard of it, go check it out! It's awesome! One of the best storylines I've ever seen! Characters are awesome, graphics are amazing, stories are awesome, it's just awesome! I am making a Connor x Reader. Connor is one of the main characters and he is AMAZING, (if you chose the right path with him that is). Personally I like Jacksepticeye's let's play on it, but you guys can do whatever you want! Anyway, so the book is called 'Saving the Broken'. It gunna be GOOOOD!

That's all! Sorry, to disappoint you guys with nothing this part. I honestly don't know when I might be coming back to this book. THAT'S ALL FOR NOW, FOLKS! WITH THAT SAID THIS IS SPIRITWING HOWLING A GOODBYE! AUTHOR AHWOOOOOOOOOOOT!

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