*Request* Just Like Me (Raph x Turtle!Reader)

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You bandaged up your arm. You had finally escaped from he Kraang. They'd been the one's to mutate you into this. You didn't understand why, but they had given you the knowledge of how to fight ninjutsu style. You now had ninja gear and a pink mask with a braided tail. You had your weapons too.

 You had your weapons too

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You sighed. You were glad you wee free, but you could never show your face in public, ever. You headed off to find a home. You didn't know what was going to happen, but you weren't going to give up. Not yet. 

Raph's POV

"Come on, let's get going." Leo said. We began to head home, but we heard fighting on our way. We went to check it out and I was shocked. We saw the Kraang trying to catch another mutant, but this wasn't just any mutant. It was another turtle! I could't believe it. Her arm was hurt and she looked scared. She ran and the Kraang chased after her.

"We've gotta help her!" Mikey said.

"Then hurry up!" I said and took off after them. We followed them as fast as we could. Suddenly we couldn't find them. 

"AH!" We heard a scream. We hurried. We saw her on the ground. Her leg was bleeding now too. She was trapped. Before we could help she was littered with lasers. She blocked as many as she could with a cover of a trashcan, but now she was bleeding very badly. She collapsed and a Kraang droid took aim to kill her. Without thinking, I jumped down. I protected her. It hit the back of my shell, but I was fine other than feeling a slight burn. It didn't hurt that bad though. The guys hurried down after me. We fought the droids off. I turned back to the girl. She had passed out soon after she'd been attacked. 

"We've gotta get her home." I said.

"Agreed. Let's go!" Leo said. I picked her up and we hurried back to the lair. I studied her as we hurried back. I was still shocked that there was another turtle. I was more shocked that it was a girl.

When we got back Donnie treated her wounds. When he came back out of his lab Leo asked,

"How does she look Donnie?" 

"Well, she took quite a few hits back there. She's stable, but she lost a lot of blood. We can only hope that she'll make it." He said. I felt bad for her. I hoped she'd be alright.

Your POV

*1 week later*

You woke up and groaned. You entire body felt extremely sore. You sat up and your head instantly started hurting.

"Ow...." You looked around. Where...where am I? You wondered. You stood up and almost fell. You caught yourself by using the wall to stop your fall. You went one step at a time and walked out. You looked around. You were in the sewers, but you seemed to be in a type of home. Did...did someone bring me here? How long have I been here? You wondered. You looked around, but suddenly you felt pain shoot through your leg. You fell and landed on your back with an 'oof'. You pushed yourself back up. You sighed. You looked over your bandaged wounds. You remembered getting shot in the leg by the Kraang. You forced yourself to stand. You slowly walked around. You walked into a dojo. You kept looking around. You then spotted a picture of a family. You began to walk over when you heard someone say,

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