Beat Of Your Heart [A TMNT Fan Fiction] by SirFlabsAlot98
Beat Of Your Heart [A TMNT Fan Fic...by Abi_p_98
Eleanor is a Genetic Scientist. Named after the great Eleanor Roosevelt. All she aims for in life is to make as big as a contribution as her name sake. She's never had...
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by TMNT221BHobbit
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Megatron
I've seen tons of other people writing this cool stuff! Here you go ladies and gents! Boyfriend Scenarios with the Turtles coming up! Fluff, Sad, Realistic, Angsty, Beau...
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What's a (Y/n)? by EternalKimFlame
What's a (Y/n)?by GalaxyChildKix
(Y/n), Just a normal life in a normal city, but when she gets lost on her way home she finds a cave that connects with the sewers. Suddenly there's a flash of green and...
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Mikey's journal by TMNT_2012_
Mikey's journalby 💙❤️Ella Hamato💛💜
Hey! My names Michelangelo, but you can call me Mikey! Or Mikester, or Dr. Prankenstein, or- (A/N: journal entries and occasionally out-of-journal stories)
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Tmnt x reader by MarvelTmntGirl
Tmnt x readerby Marvel-Tmnt-Girl
Ok, I need to warn you of how crazy this book is. The boys are total sweethearts, as you know, so expect FLUFF! And I didn't plan this, but there are a lot of mini ser...
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TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD) by spiritwing13
TMNT x Reader One-shots (ON HOLD)by spiritwing13
No matter who you are, you have a special place in all of our beautiful boys hearts. You have everything from fluff to all out wars beside our team of four. You are (Y/n...
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Leonardo Boyfriend Scenarios  by TMNT_LeaderInBlue
Leonardo Boyfriend Scenarios by TMNT_LeaderInBlue
"Don't be embarrassed. I like that you can't focus around me." "I am completely capable of focusing around you." I say and cross my arms, more than...
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TMNT X Reader Boyfriend Scenarios by ixmoonchildxi
TMNT X Reader Boyfriend Scenariosby ☾
One can tell what this is but if you don't know.......... ITS A TMNT BOYFRIEND SCENARIOS BOOK! Hope you like reading it! Started: 10/29/15 Ended: 1/29/18
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TMNT Boyfriend Senarios by abbyshen17
TMNT Boyfriend Senariosby *Abigail Shen*
Have you ever wished that you could date one of the turtles in a half shell? Well now you can see how I imagine it would be like!!! *WARNING* I use dialogue from the 201...
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TMNT x Reader One-shots *ON HOLD* by PokemonTrainerSakura
TMNT x Reader One-shots *ON HOLD*by Sakura
This is one-shots of TMNT. I can do every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...the years (2003, 2007, 2012 and 2014/16), Street Punks (Swift, Ghost, Rebel and MC), Swag Turtle...
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by NBBA_Girl
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Alex Lang
What would you feel if you stole one of the four heroes that we all love hearts'? How would your romance go? Find out! These are the 2014 Turtles, not the 2012 turtles s...
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TMNT x Reader | Song preferences | Imagines by chatchoow
TMNT x Reader | Song preferences |...by catchoow
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Favorite songs. Imagines. Sometimes fluff, sometimes smut.
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TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios by Jeepgirl173
TMNT Boyfriend Scenariosby Jeepgirl173
Alright my readers here you go. My very first Boyfriend Scenarios. Tell me what ya'll think in the reviews! I have it as PG-13 because I'm not sure what will go on in he...
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TMNT: Boyfriend scenario. by Katharina0310
TMNT: Boyfriend scenario.by Katharina
"I will protect you with my heart, if you give me yours" -Unknown Love is a thing everyone wish. Just as similar do the TMNT brothers as well. Follow our adv...
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Slow to Love (donatello x reader) by Kimihiro_Watanuki
Slow to Love (donatello x reader)by Kimihiro_Watanuki
Everyone's always bringing Donatello down about his chance of being loved, especially Raph, but he is ever hopeful. Though he is quick to love she isn't quite as. As the...
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More TMNT boyfriend scenarios by LikeATurtleDo
More TMNT boyfriend scenariosby LikeATurtleDo
Weeelll I see a bunch of these and decided, hey why not add to the mix! These are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle boyfriend scenarios. I hope you guys like it. Please don't...
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. [TMNT X Reader] by LoveRandomness
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. [TMN...by LoveRandomness
You are (Y/N) (L/N),April O' Neil friend ever since the beginning.Helping April escape you guy's turtles out of the fire,while years later to only return.How will you re...
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TMNT2014 Scenarios by ReiGn165
TMNT2014 Scenariosby Eat, sleep, game, repeat~
You're reading a TMNT x Reader fan fiction. This is an interactive type story, where in certain places you insert either your eye or hair color, your favorite sport or...
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TMNT boyfriend scenarios by 22shawm
TMNT boyfriend scenariosby A demon courting insanity
TMNT boyfriend scenarios. Will include : .Raph .Leo .Donnie .Mikey .Casey Jones.
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Moonlight Mutation (A TMNT Fanfic) by hope_forever_18
Moonlight Mutation (A TMNT Fanfic)by A trashy little moose
"I'll tell you all the stories you want." In New York, the buildings are quiet as the people of Manhattan sleep. By the glow of the moon, the silhouette of a g...
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