*Request* Mutated Love (Raph x Triple Hybrid!Reader)

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You kept going. You were tired and hungry. You had nothing left with you either. You were part turtle, part lizard, and part snake. You had a long lizard tail, lizard claws, a turtle shell, a turtle like head, snake fangs, and normal eyes. You could walk on all fours if you wanted to because your arms were the same length as your legs. Still, you normally walked upright. Right now though, you'd blend in better if you were on all fours. You had light green skin, (e/c) eyes, and black claws. You had been studying animals in the forest when some ooze fell on you from the sky. You'd become a mixed mutant and now you roamed the woods alone. You'd used some of the cloth you had to dress yourself up a bit. For an art credit, you took martial arts in high school. You knew ninjutsu, so you'd made yourself look more like a ninja. (So she has the wrap around her hands and she's got a mask. The mask is braided too. The mask can be any color other than the colors the guys have and green because...I mean you're part turtle. If you're wondering, colors like pink and teal are alright. They aren't blue and red. Colors like violet...that's still purple. Get it? That's all she has. She'll get more later. That's all! Continue.) You kept going, your stomach growling like crazy. You hated this. You were an outcast and you had no food and no clean water. You had to find something, and soon.

After awhile of walking you finally came upon a house. You grew hopeful, but then you remembered that...you were a mutant now. They'd scream before you could even speak. Well, I can still run so it's worth a shot I guess. You thought. 

You went up to the door, praying you'd be alright. You knocked and the sounds of the TV you could hear went dead silent. You heard hushed voices. They sounded worried. Had they seen you through the window? You began to feel sick to your stomach with nerves.

"Who's there?" A female voice called.

"I'm so sorry to just show up like this. Please. I've got nowhere to go and I'm out of everything I have. I've gone without food and water for days. I promise I'm not dangerous. I come alone and unarmed." You said. You listened to their voices.

"Leo's still out and Raph's still watching him. What do we do?" A more nerdy sounding male said.

"They seem friendly enough. Besides, they're obviously struggling. It's the least we can do." The girl replied. "Okay! Hold on!" She called.

"Um, hold on! I just anted to warn you...I was in a type of accident so I don't look exactly...normal. I-I just wanted you to know before you opened the door." You said.

"Accident? Oh no! Hang on, we'll help you!" She said. 

"I...don't know if you can do that much for me." You said.

"It's alright! Here," The door opened. She looked surprised, but it turned into a smile. "oh. I see. It's alright. Come in." She said. You were shocked, but you smiled.

"Thank you." You said. You followed her in and you saw a boy holding a hockey stick. He looked ready for a fight until he saw what you looked like.

"Whoa! Hey Mikey! Donnie! It's cool! She's a mutant too!" He called. Suddenly, two more mutant came out. They were turtles! 

"Another turtle!?" The one in the orange mask exclaimed.

"I'm a mix actually." You said, showing them your tail. "Lizard, turtle, and snake." You explained.

"Snake?" The purple masked turtle asked. You opened your mouth and your fangs came out. You hand two gaps in the front of your teeth to make room for them when you wanted them to come out. They looked startled, but they calmed down after a moment. "My name's (Y/n)." You said.

"I'm Donnie."

"I'm Mikey!"

"Name's Casey Jones."

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