*Request* A Little Bit of Magic (Leo x Fairy!Reader)

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You got home and sighed. Another rough day at your school. Your older sister was the provider since your parents were dead. Luckily, your sister had been hired as a model so you had a whole house to yourselves. It was rough hiding your true selves though. Your sister was 20 and you were 15. You sat down on the couch and let your wings come out. You relaxed and watched TV for awhile. Soon you got bored. You left a note for your sister, saying that you went out for a walk. You hid your wings and walked out of the building. 

You walked along enjoying the soft breeze and the calming quiet. It wasn't very active in that part of the city at night. You suddenly heard something. It sounded like fighting. It was coming from the rooftops. You climbed a fire escape and peeked over the wall to see. You were shocked. You saw four mutant turtles fighting alien robots! You gasped as one in a blue mask got hit in the arm. Your hand burst into (f/c) flame. You jumped up and shot a fireball at the one aiming at him. You shot fireballs at some of the others and then you used your vine powers to grab the rest and swing them around while smashing them into each other and other things as well. Your hands were still on fire as you finished them off. The vines went away and the fires went out.

"Whoa...." You turned and saw them taring at you. You gulped. Shoot! Time to make an exit! You thought. You used your magic to turn into a little (f/c) glowing light. You took off, flying over roofs and allies. 

"Wait!" You heard one of them call. You paused. They caught up to you, but you didn't change back. They all looked interested in you. "We're not gonna hurt you." The one in blue said. You turned backed, letting your wings show.

"Well then, I guess I could stay a minute." You said. "My name's (Y/n)." You told them.

"I'm Leo and these are my brothers." 

"I'm Mikey!"

"Hi, I'm Donnie."

"Name's Raph." You smiled.

"Nice to meet you." You said.

"How did you do that by the way?" Donnie asked.

"What? The vines and fire? That's not all I can do. I'm a fairy. One of the last living on Earth." You said. They looked socked.

"Wait seriously!?" Raph said.

"DUDE THAT'S AWESOME!" Mikey shouted. You chuckled.

"You guys wanna come meet another one? My sister should be home by now. She wont mind. After all, you guys clearly aren't human. People like us gotta stick together right?" You said.

"Shell yeah!" Mikey said. "Can we Leo!?" He begged.

"Why not?" Leo replied. They followed you and you lead them in through the second story window so they wouldn't be seen. You lead them downstairs and called,



"Don't worry! They're cool Trixie!" You said. She turned and looked shocked. 

"Hi!" Mikey said. 

"What did you get into this time?" She said, crossing her arms.

"They needed some help. Come on sis, they're like us. You think they don't understand?" You said. She sighed. She let her wings show and said,

"Alright." You smiled. 

"Thanks Trix!" You said. "Come on guys! Let me show you some of the things we can do!" You said.

"Nothing major! I don't need you flooding the house!"

"You sound like our mother." You called back. They all took seats around the living room and you sat down in the center. You created bubbles of water.

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