A Life for a Shell (Leo x Reader)

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Your POV 

You were racing across the rooftops with your friends. You weren't the only ninja team in the city, but you didn't know if the other team was good or evil. You'd never run into them before. You were leader of your team. Your team were some of the best and you all were a fairly large group. You all were wearing your own dark colored clothes to blend in. Your weapons were all safely tucked in secret, almost invisible pockets on your outfits. You all paused. You always paused to survey the area and to do a quick team count to make sure everyone was alright. You called them off.

"Maya." You said.

"Here." She replied.


"Here." Another girl answered.

"Willow, Josie, Koen, Danny, and Tristan." You called. They all said 'Here' at the same time. You grinned and nodded. Everyone was still with you. Each person had an important role. 

Willow was your quiet techno girl. She was a hacker and she was good at distracting the enemy. Now you would never use her as bait, but she was almost unnoticed most of the time so distracting and luring others into traps was a great skill of hers.

Maya and Rachel were one of your power teams. They rushed in and did the first damage while you and the others swiftly backed them up. They were a perfect team. 

Danny was Willow's partner, both relationship wise and fighting wise. He helped her and she helped him sort of deal.

Josie and Tristan were the same way. They all were skilled fighters and had their own strengths. 

Koen, however, was the strongest in the group, other than you. He was your best fighter, once again, other than you. He was also good with weapons and multiple people against one combat.

Just as you were about to head out again you saw something out of the corner of your eye. Four shadowed figures were racing across the roof tops. You couldn't make out any details since they were moving fast. You knew you had to follow them. You all shot out and stalked them swiftly and silently. Your team went unnoticed and unheard by these four strangers. Suddenly you caught a glimpse of ninja weapons. You knew who these four were. The other team.....let's see how great they actually are. A lot of weird things have been happening lately. Not a doubt in my mind they're the ones behind it. Let's do this. You thought. You motioned for Maya and Rachel to come closer to you with your hand. The group of four had paused on this roof. You told Maya and Rachel the plan and then you sent out Willow to do her job. Willow silently climbed a ladder and hid behind a bill board. She had a rock in hand. She tossed it toward them without getting spotted and it landed near them. 

"Huh?" You heard a curious voice say. "Hey guys! This rock just landed next to my foot out of nowhere." They said.

"Really Mikey? That's impossible. First you're stupid and now you're talking about flying rocks." Another voice teased harshly.

"Hey!" The one called 'Mikey' said, clearly upset. 

"Now!" You whisper shouted to Maya and Rachel. They launched out of hiding, their long blades drawn. You followed them seconds afterward. The fight started and you were shocked as you came face to face with the most unusual opponent you'd ever face. It was a mutant turtle wearing a blue mask. He looked just as fierce as you. You saw a familiar type of 'fire' in his deep blue eyes. You had no time to think about that as he attacked you, his blades drawn and ready.

"More ninja's!?" A tall one wearing a purple mask exclaimed in shock as he held off Rachel's sword with his bo staff. (once again correct me in the comments if that's spelled wrong.) None of you paid him any attention. You all fought fiercely. Your enemy was nearly overwhelmed, but they held their ground. Suddenly you spotted one with a red mask knock Willow down and go in for a stab with his sai. You gasped.

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