Pizza!!! (Mikey x Reader)

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You walked into the lair with the pizza. You had decided to do something nice for the guys since today was your one year anniversary of meeting them. The way you had meet the team of mutants was you had been in the right place at the right time. Well, honestly it had been the wrong place at the wrong time, but you had met them and were friends with them so you told yourself it had been luck. They'd been fighting the foot on the rooftops and you had been a few roofs away. Curious about all the commotion you'd gone to investigate. When you saw what was happening you'd been too shocked to run away. Because of that a foot soldier had attacked you. The turtles hadn't seen this so you were left with an injured leg and a foot soldier with a katana in hand. Just before they were about to strike they been pulled away with a nunchuck. The orange masked turtle had helped you and he had protected you until the blue masked turtle had ordered a retreat. Then he had carried you to safety. Ever since then you had been friends with them.

You greeted the turtles as they spotted you.

"Hi guys! Look what I brought!" You said.

"PIZZA!!!" Mikey shouted running over to you. You chuckled as the orange masked turtle eagerly took it and dragged you with him to the kitchen with the other three quickly following. 

"You're the best (Y/n)!" Mikey said. You smiled.

"I know." You said with a grin. The four brothers each grabbed their own pieces and Mikey handed one to you with a smile. You gladly took it and enjoyed it with the four of them. When you all finished Donnie, Leo, and Raph left while you stayed there with Mikey.

"Thanks for the pizza (Y/n)!" He said.

"Anytime Mikester!"

"I'll hold you to that I hope you know." He said.

"Yeah, I know." You replied.

"So! What do you wanna do now?" He asked.

"Wanna play a game together?" You asked.

"Yeah! Come on!" He said and dragged you out and to the tv. "What should we play?" Mikey asked.

"I can kick your butt at Mario Kart." You said.

"You're on!" He said and put the game in. You chose your own character and Mikey picked his. Soon enough you got into it. You won, every. Single. Time. Mikey looked shocked. "How are you doing this?!" He whined.

"Years of challenging my sister and my mother." You replied. I have all the gold trophies on every single one. Plus I've done the time challenges. I'm pretty sure I set a record." You chuckled. He huffed, clearly a sore loser. You chuckled. "Don't feel too bad Mikey." You told him. He smiled at you. Soon you both were done playing and you both just started a random conversation.

"So, how's life with all the humans?" He asked.

"Dull. I can't just go around kicking peoples butts. It's considered offensive." You joked. You both laughed.

"Yeah, well better than down here where you can't talk to anybody new." He sighed, staring at the ceiling since he was laying down. You sighed.

"That's what you think. Trust me. Meeting new people isn't all that." You said.

"How come?" He asked.

"Because of all the nasty people out there. If you're found in what they consider the wrong group, you've basically signed up for years of bullying." You said.

"That's when you kick their butts!" Mikey said. You both laughed. You both continued to chat until it was time for you to head home.

"See ya Mikey. I've gotta get back." He frowned. He gave you a hug goodbye and you left flashing him one last smile. You hurried home and your mother and sister welcomed you.

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