Soft (Donnie x Hybrid Mutant!Reader)

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You slipped back into Shredder's base. You were wearing a tight, all black ninja suit. It covered your entire body except for your tail, hands, feet, eyes, and ears. You were a mix between a chinchilla and a grey fox. Your head was fox like while the rest of your body was more chinchilla like. You had you gear on too. You had special weapons forged by Baxter under Shredder's orders. 

You silently leaped down from where you'd come in up top and landed on all fours perfectly

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You silently leaped down from where you'd come in up top and landed on all fours perfectly. You stood up and looked around. Silence....but not for long. You thought. Your ear twitched as you heard the faintest sound of a foot step. You rolled your eyes. Welcome me back with an ambush training session. Typical. You thought. Footbots launched out and your weapons were out in a flash. You sliced five of them in half with one swing. You quickly tore apart the others until bots lay sparking at your feet.

"Hmm, you are improving (Y/n)." You heard a deep voice say. You turned and saw Shredder standing in front of his throne like chair.

"Thanks for welcoming me back with an ambush." You said. 

"Your training must be constant if you are to defeat the turtles."

"Yes, I know. It's all you've ever tasked me with." You said.

"Do not get smart with me (Y/n)!" He snapped. You sighed.

"Yes Master Shredder. I understand why you have tasked me with the operation of defeating them, but the sewer smells make it hard to track them and it would take an eternity to find them blindly." You said.

"Whatever you must do, I give you permission to do so. Just find Splinter and the turtles." He ordered. You nodded.

"Yes Master Shredder." You said, bowing to him. You honestly hated working for him, but what else could you do? Get dissected by the government was an option, but not a very good one. You went to the training dojo. You found Karai there. You chuckled. "Princess of the Foot Clan still training non-stop? You need a hobby too Karai." You said. She looked over and grinned.

"Well, at least I enjoy it more than you do. Father has to practically force you into training." She said as she attacked you. You both sparred.

"Not my fault he thinks my abilities aren't enough. I'm one of his most skilled and he still thinks I need training. No wonder my improvements are slow. Not too much more to improve." You said.

"There's always something." Karai said. You rolled your eyes with a grin.

"Yeah yeah I know." You replied. When you finished training you went to bed. 

*The next night*

You were out searching for the turtles again. So far you'd seen nothing. They'd been vacant recently. You wondered if they'd been grounded or something. Splinter is probably a very protective father. I wouldn't want my children getting caught on the surface too, if I had any that is. You thought. Suddenly you caught a whiff of something. Excitement pulsed through your body.

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