*Request* Unexpected (Donnie x Pregnant!Reader)

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You were resting in bed. Your stomach had been acting up all morning. You hadn't gotten out of bed yet. Donnie, your mutant turtle husband, was up, but he didn't question you sleeping in. He understood that you liked to get in a full nights sleep, unlike him since he worked for days at a time (something you had wished he'd do less of). You knew he was busy a lot, but you also knew that when he started he couldn't stop. While it wasn't the best thing for him, you thought it was nice how strong willed he actually was.

You felt pain in your stomach. You groaned. You took deep breaths. You sighed. You thought about getting up and going to Donnie. As if he had been summoned by you, Donnie walked into the room. His gaze rested on you.

"(Y/n)? You awake baby?" He asked. You nodded with a smile. He smiled and came over to you. He sat down and you sat up. He hugged you and gave your forehead a kiss. "Tired today?" He asked. You shook your head.

"No. My stomach is being weird." You said. He frowned.

"You want me to check it out?" He asked.

"It's probably just a small bug. I'll be fine-OW!" You yelped as you felt more pain. He gasped. 

"(Y/n)!?" You wheezed, clutching your stomach.

"G-get your things." You said. He nodded. He helped you lay back down and hurried to get his things. You waited for him to come back. 

He came back and began carefully looking over everything. Soon enough his eyes widened. He was listening to your digestive system. He pulled away, looking shocked and uncertain. "Donnie?" Your voice broke him out of his thoughts. He looked at you, looking nervous.


"What is it?" You asked.

"U-uh...i-it's nothing. Just relax okay?" He said with a soft smile. You knew he was lying.

"Donnie, tell me the truth." You said. He looked unsure. You held his hand. He looked back up at you. "It's okay. Please Donnie?" He took a deep breath.

"(Y/n)...I..I...I don't know how to say this. *Sigh* (Y/n), y-you're...you're pregnant sweetheart." He said. You were shocked. He looked extremely worried. "I-I know it's alarming, a-and I never meant to-" You kissed him. He was shocked beyond belief. You pulled away.

"Donnie, don't ever think I'd regret having your child. I love you," You began and hugged him. "and I know you will be the best father our baby could ever have." He was stunned. He smiled, overwhelmed with joy and pride. He held you tightly.

"I love you (Y/n)." He said. A tear rolled down his cheek. "W-we're parents!" He said happily. You smiled.

"They'll love you Donnie. They'll love you even more than me. I know it." You said. He kissed your cheek.

"Thank you dove." He whispered. You smiled.

"I love you Donatello." 

"I love you too." He said. "Come on, you should rest some more. We'll figure out what to tell the others later baby." He kissed your forehead and smiled lovingly at you. You nodded, smiling back.

"Okay." You agreed. You both laid down and Donnie gently pulled you close to him. You smiled. You both relaxed together and soon you fell asleep together. 

*3 hours later*

You were kind of nervous to tell his brothers and Master Splinter. What would they say? How would Splinter react? Would they be okay with it? Would they be mad at you? You didn't let Donnie know you were nervous. You'd rather he not know. You didn't want to make him nervous too.

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