I Can't Lose You (Leo x Reader)

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Leo's POV

We had just gotten back for a mission. We were all exhausted and bruised in places. The Kraang had put up a fight this time. My girlfriend, (Y/n), hurried up to me and hugged me. I had made her stay here because it would've been too dangerous for her. She hadn't wanted to stay, but you had simply given me a quick kiss for good luck and obeyed me. She was a very respectful person. I was glad to have such an amazing girl to call mine, but I couldn't have anything happen to her. I'd never forgive myself if I let her down.

We all went to bed and she walked with me to our room. I know it was technically my room, but she had moved in with us not too long ago since she couldn't find a well paying job to sustain herself. So I had instantly offered her my room, and we now shared it. 

When we got there she shut the door and I sat down on the bed and sighed. 

"Sore?" She asked, sitting down next to me. I nodded. She hugged me gently and I relaxed as she massaged my shoulders.

"Thanks (Y/n)." I said. She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Anything to help Leo." She said. I smiled. We laid down together and I pulled her as close as I possibly could. I didn't want to let go of her, ever. He seemed to notice. She wrapped her arm around my neck, returning the embrace. She kissed me and I lovingly returned it. I loved her more than anything, which is why I couldn't risk her coming along. "I love you Leonardo." She said as the kiss ended.

"I love you too (Y/n)." I replied. We both went to sleep after that.

The next day I woke up and she wasn't next to me. I began to worry, but I calmed myself down. Probably got an early start. She could be making breakfast. I thought. I got up, made the bed, and headed out. I looked around. The guys were just hanging around. I looked around for her, wondering where she could be. I headed into the kitchen and it was empty. I kept looking. I soon found her in the dojo, meditating. I smiled. Ever since I'd shown her how, she often did it with me.

"Hey princess." I said, walking over. She opened her eyes and looked up at me. She smiled. 

"Hey fearless." She greeted. I sat down next to her. 

"Come in here without me huh?" I said. She chuckled.

"I didn't wanna wake you up." She replied. 

"You made me worried. Just leaving like that." I said getting closer to her.

"I would never leave the lair unless I had to Leo." She replied. Suddenly Donnie rushed in.

"Leo! One of my spy roaches just scent me a signal. Shredder's heading to the docks. He's going to get more weapons!" I reacted fast.

"Let's go!" I said. "(Y/n), stay here."" I ordered.

"What? You can't keep me home every time Leo! Please, I can help! You know I can!" She said. I didn't want to let her come with. She put a hand on my cheek. I saw her smile at me warmly. "I'll be fine. I promise." She said. I smiled. I kissed her.

"Okay." I replied. We hurried to gear up and soon enough we left.

"Be careful my sons." Splinter warned us. We nodded and left. We hurried to the docks. I lead the way and when we got there, we waited. Soon, Shredder and his men showed up. (Y/n) stayed close to me for now. I smiled a tiny bit before focusing on listening. A man was talking to Shredder.

"I got everything you ordered. It should help ya with your cause." He said, chuckling smugly. 

"What are we waiting for!?" Raph said.

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