*Request* My Caretaker (Donnie x Mutant Wolf!Reader)

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You were getting beaten....again. Tiger Claw's constant beatings were almost enough to kill you. They happened most nights of you being trapped with the Shredder. He said they would continue until you finally agreed to join him. 

You were a wolf mutant, but your mutation turned you into a sort of hybrid. You looked mostly human other than your fangs, tail, and wolf ears that had replaced your human ears. After your beating, Baxter, the stupid bug who had mutated you, checked your health this time.

"Master Shredder, she is useless to us at this point. I doubt she'll survive another 2 days." He said. Shredder only glared down at you.

"Dispose of her body. Leave her to rot out in the streets like the mutt she is."

"Yes Master Shredder." Tiger Claw said. Next thing you knew, you were put in a large black bag and taken away. Tiger Claw dropped you onto the ground after getting you out of the bag. "Still think refusing Master Shredder was a good idea?" He asked with an evil grin. You gave him a weak glare. He chuckled darkly and rode off on his bike. You laid there in the alley, bleeding, bruised, and too weak to move or even speak. All you could do was cry as the pain consumed you. You laid there for who knows how long. You already felt like you were bleeding out. Your eyes got heavier by the minute. You heard what sounded like movement above your head. 

"Holy toledo!" You heard a voice. The sounds came closer and at this point you were too weak to feel afraid. "Oh my god! What the shell did this!?" They said. "U-um..d-don't worry miss! I'm gonna help you!" They said. You were picked up off the ground and you felt someone quickly carry you away. 

Soon enough you could tell that you were below ground. When you got to where this person was taking you, more voices said,


"Guys listen! I just found her like this! She's already bad enough as is! Help me patch her up!" You were soon laid down and you felt them patch you up. You soon had regained a bit of your strength and opened you eyes. You were shocked to see four mutant turtles.

"Hey! She's awake!" One wearing an orange mask pointed out.

"Miss? Can you hear us?" The one wearing a purple mask asked. You nodded. The purple one helped you sit up and the others looked at you with curiosity. 

"What kind of mutant are you?" The orange one asked.

"Mikey, leave her be. She's clearly in no condition to answer any questions right now. Donnie, you got it from here right?" The one in blue asked. The purple one nodded. They left and the one called Donnie told you to rest.

"W-why...did you...help me?" You asked. He looked at you, clearly surprised.

"I see you lying on the street half dead and you ask me that question?" He said. You shrugged. He sighed. "Nobody deserves to die like that. Not if their innocent and did nothing wrong." He said. You smiled a little.

"Thank...you..." You said, before falling asleep. He'd given you some pillows and blankets to keep you warm and comfortable, so it was easy to fall asleep.

*6 hours later*

You woke up and you looked around. You remembered what had happened. You sat up, but your head hurt. 

"Oh! Hey, be careful! Take it easy okay?" You spotted the turtle that had saved you. "Your wounds are pretty bad. I'm surprised they didn't kill you with how fragile your body is. I hope it was okay, but I checked over your wounds. You've been going through this for awhile now haven't you?" He asked. You nodded. "*Sigh* Sometimes it's hard for me to believe we should be protecting the city. People like that....they sicken me." He said.

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