Silent Heart (Leo x Mutant Fox!Reader)

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(In this chapter you are a normal fox mutant that can't see or speak. You can hear though and you have great sense of smell. That's all! ^-^)

You were sniffing around the streets. Ever since you had been mutated from your normal fox self into this you had to stay more out of sight and be even more alert. You were used to scraping by for food on your own though. Your mother had almost eaten you when you were born because you couldn't see. Luckily you had smelled her and heard her coming, so you had been able to escape into the city. The Kraang had found you as a pup and had mutated you. They had found out that your vocal cords weren't working so they had almost exterminated you. Once again, you escaped. You have avoided them ever since.

Soon you smelled something that made your mouth water. Pizza. You thought hungrily. You crept along and found that it was coming from the rooftops. You got off all fours and climbed up the fire escape. 

"I'm starving!" You heard someone say. The sounded younger and kind of child-ish. 

"That's why when got pizza Mikey." You heard a more mature voice say. You hid behind a bill board. You carefully stalked out, hoping they wouldn't spot you. You got ready to get the pizza. They can spare one box right? You thought. Soon you dashed forward and quickly grabbed the box. You heard a third more tough sounding voice shout,


"My pizza! Why?!" The child-ish one shouted.

"Follow it!" The mature one said.

"Why? We can spare one box." A fourth nerdy sounding voice said.

"Because that is way too big to be a normal fox! Get that mutant!" You grew worried. Yo kept running and running. Leaping from roof to roof and taking quick turns, hoping to lose them. Once you'd gotten far away you stopped and opened the box. You nipped away the pizza, getting sauce on your muzzle. Once you finished you licked your claws clean along with your lips. You were about to leave you someone grabbed you. You opened your mouth to cry out, but nothing happened. You flailed your paws in helpless panic.

"Hey! Whoa! Calm down! We're not gonna hurt you!" You heard the child-ish one say. You stopped waving your paws around and panted, trying to calm down your racing heartbeat. "Aw~ She's so cute! Can we keep her Leo?!" 

"She's a sane living person Mikey! She's not a pet!" The mature voice replied.

"She seems like a pet to me." Mikey replied.

"No!" Leo said.

"Wait...look at her eyes." The nerdy one said. "She's...she's blind!" You were set down and you hunched down in fear. Are they going to kill me because I blind? You wondered, praying they wouldn't.

"Can you see us?" Leo asked. You shook your head.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" The tough one asked. How do I tell them I can't speak? You stood up on two legs and pointed to your throat. Then you shook your head.

"You can't speak?" Leo asked. You shook your head again.

"Well, that combination explains why you act more fox like." The nerdy one said.

"Donnie!" Leo said, obviously upset with him.

"What? It's true." He said. You heard a sigh and then you felt a three fingered hand grab yours. You were curios. You pulled your hand free and held up three fingers. Then you pointed to your ears, muzzle, and tail. Then you pointed at who grabbed you. You were trying to ask if they were mutants.

"I think she's asking if we're mutants." Donnie said.

"Yes we are mutants." Leo said. You reached out and you felt a hand meet yours. You cautiously drifted your hand over his arm. You assumed Leo had offered you his hand. "What are you doing?" He asked.

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