Lost in Your Love (Leo x Reader part 2)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead! This is a part 2 to 'Mesmerized'.)

It'd been months since you and Leo had started dating. He'd come when he could and you would sneak into the sewers to visit him when you could as well. Most often you texted each other. If you couldn't get away, you'd just talk and talk and talk for hours with each other. It wasn't as good as when he was actually there though.

You were in your room. You hadn't heard from him in days. You couldn't go to the lair either. You sighed. You listened to some music while drawing in your sketch book. It was something to do in your spare time. Little did you know, your wish was about to come true.

Leo's POV

I hurried across the roof tops. I was so close now. I had to see her again. I stopped. There it was. I could see her building and the balcony. The sliding glass door was wide open. I smiled. I shot my grappling hook and I jumped. I swung over and pressed the retract button. It pulled me up and I climbed onto the balcony. I wondered why she hadn't come to greet me. Surely she would've heard that right? I looked around. Was she in her room? Usually she stayed up this late, but she stayed here. I found her in her work room. I smiled, but then I froze. She was wearing a very loose tank top and....no pants. Her earbuds/headphones were in. The music must've been why she hadn't heard me, but that was the last thing on my mind. 

I wondered if I could.... I stopped myself. No way was I going to do that. We'd only been together a few months! Then, she turned and spotted me staring at her. She looked surprised. She stopped her music and looked back at me.

"U-um...." I didn't know what to say. She got up and hurried over to me. She hugged me.

"Leo! I thought you weren't coming! You didn't text me anything." She said. I was shocked. How was she so casual with me seeing her like this? I didn't understand it. She frowned. "Leo? Are you alright?" She asked. I kissed her. I wasn't thinking. Her arms wrapped around me and mine wrapped around her. When it broke she smiled at me. "Guess I picked the right night to wear this, huh?" She teased. I was shocked, but I felt something change. I grinned.

"Are you trying to pull something?" I said. She chuckled.

"Only if you're alright with that." She said. I grinned, but then I stopped. Was I really going to do this? Were we really going to do this? I looked at her shimmering eyes. They looked so tempting. They were challenging me. I could tell she was asking for it. I smirked. Yes. I am going to do this. Even a leader needs a break right?

Your POV

Leo grinned at you. You were stunned as he swept you up and carried you to the bed. He dropped you onto it and you blushed insanely. You didn't think he was actually going to agree to it! You thought he'd be too nervous to do it! Not that you were complaining..... Leo was hovering over you with a playful and lustful smirk on his face. 

"You should know better than to tease me princess." He said.

"W-we've never been in this situation before in my defense." You replied. He chuckled.

"Alright. I'll give you that one." He agreed. "But that doesn't change the fact that you're going to learn why you don't tease me." Before you could speak, he kissed you full force. You kissed back, but Leo wasn't messing around. He began to kiss up and down your neck and shoulders. You squirmed a little.

"Mmph~" He looked at you with a smirk. He kept going, but then he bit you. You gasped. "Ah! L-Leo!" You exclaimed. He didn't respond. His tongue ran over the mark he'd left and you moaned a little. "L-Leo~" He pulled back. You looked at him. He grabbed your tank top and pulled it off of you. You blushed insanely as he stared at your body. You looked away from him, embarrassed. His hand cupped your cheek. He made you look at him. 

"You're beautiful~" He whispered. His gear joined your tank, tossed onto the floor without a care. He kissed you again. He broke it swiftly and began peppering kisses all over your body. You moaned, getting hotter by the second. You gasped as you felt him rub you through your panties. He rubbed you in little circles. 

"Leo~!!" You moaned. He smirked.

"You want more princess~?" He asked. He pressed a little harder.

"Mmm~" Leo chuckled. 

"I think that's a yes~" His finger hooked around your panties. He pulled them off and instantly his fingers were rubbing you. You moaned out louder. 

"Ah~!!" Leo bent down and licked you. You blushed harder than you though possible. You bit your lip. You were trying not to break. His tongue slipped inside of you. You couldn't handle it. "Ah~!! L-Leo~!!" He kept going. You moaned and whimpered as he did. You felt your passion building. "L-Leo~!!! A-ah~!!" He pulled away. You were stunned. Your eyes widened as you saw his member sticking out of his shell.

"Ready princess~?" He asked. You blushed, but you smiled a little. You gave a small nod. He entered you and you cried out, your nails digging into his shoulders. H-he's so big! He groaned. He took a moment to soak in the feeling, but only a moment. You began to thrust, gripping your body tightly. You moaned loudly. He moaned too. He went at a steady pace, starting out easy. 

You both held onto each other, moaning and Leo cursed under his breath. He kept going, but then he began to mutter hot things to you.

"Y-you're so perfect princess~ H-haa~ Y-you f-feel so perfect~!" He moaned. You could only moan in response. He began to get faster. You held onto him tighter. 

"L-Leo~!!!" You moaned his name. 

"B-baby~ F-fuck! I-I need more!" He said. He fucked you hard and fast. You screamed, but that only fueled him. He hit your bundle of nerves.

"LEO~!!" You screamed. It didn't take a genius to figure out what he'd done. He aimed for the spot and you started screaming. He was moaning louder. This went on for awhile. You both moaned, screamed, and cursed. His grip on your waist grew tighter. His thrusts were sloppy. He was close, and you were almost at your breaking point. 

"(Y-Y/n)~!!" He moaned out. You bit your lip hard, almost hard enough to make it bleed. He kissed you. It was hungry and sloppy, but neither of you cared. You couldn't take it any longer. You broke, your passion spilling over. You pulled away from the kiss and screamed.

"LEONARDO~!!!" You head tossed back and your eyes shut tight, hot tears rolling down the side of your face. He clutched your body and fucked you at an inhuman speed as you came, your juices running down your thighs and coating his member. 

"(Y/N)~!!!!" He screamed, thrusting in as deep as he could go before filling you up completely. You shivered, tingling with pleasure. You kissed his neck as he panted while cumming inside of you. He was breathing hard by the end of it. You were both sticky with sweat as you both came down from your high. He pulled out of you and he collapsed next to you. You smiled at him. You covered him up with the blankets and you snuggled up to him. He smiled at you. He kissed your forehead.

"Night Leo. I love you." You said.

"I love you too princess. Goodnight."

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