Gentle Flower (Raph x Shy!Reader)

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(This takes place when the turtles are at the old farm house.)

You sat in a tree with your bow and arrows strapped to your back. You had exact aim so it was the best weapon for you. You hardly ever used it though. You lived in the woods alone, and your home was hidden in a hollowed out oak tree. (More on that later.) You were sitting in a different tree for now. Soon you heard something and spotted a deer. You smiled. You hopped down and walked over to it. You did not show fear, for you weren't afraid, but you made sure not to reveal yourself as a possible threat. You'd been living among animals for almost your entire life, so you knew exactly what to do. It looked over at you and you dipped your head to it. It walked over to you and you pet it with a kind smile. Soon enough you saw another. A moment later they hurried off together. You waved a tiny goodbye to the two and began to go explore.

It was sun down. You were about to head back when you heard something. You heard what sounded like someone chopping down a tree. You silently went to investigate. You hid behind a tree and peeked out. The shadows of night hid you well. You were a master at staying hidden. You slipped up sometimes though. You looked around cautiously and spotted a mutant turtle cutting up what appeared to be fire wood. He had a red mask on and he had ninja weapons. You were interested in learning more about him. You tried to get a better look, but you stepped on a twig and it snapped. You quickly hid. He looked around.

"Huh?" You were completely still. "Who's there!?" He asked, clearly on edge now. You swallowed in fear. Would he hurt you? Was he hostile? Was he even sane? You had no idea. "I know you're there! Show yourself!" He snapped. You peeked out and saw that his back was to you. You took your chance to run. He whipped around and followed after you. "Hey! Get back here!" He yelled. You kept running. You quickly went to your oak tree home. You'd lost him. You sighed in relief and walked through the thick dark green vines into the truck of the hollowed out oak tree. 

It was a very big tree, giving you plenty of room. You grabbed your home made candle and lit it. You laid down in your home made bed which was actually very comfortable. You grabbed a book and read it. While you lived in the woods you knew how society worked and had gotten some things for your entertainment and living needs. 

You read for a good half hour before hearing voices. 

"Are you sure you saw someone Raph?" A voice asked. It sounded confident and mature.

"Yes I'm sure Leo! I saw someone watching me and then when I realized it they took off! I tried to follow them, but they gt away. I saw them head in this direction." The same voice from the red masked turtle earlier said.

"Are you sure it wasn't just an animal?" A third voice asked.

"Yes I'm sure Donnie!" The one called Raph said. You quickly shut your book and put out your light. You hid under a small tunnel of roots. Your breathing became almost entirely silent as you waited. Suddenly you heard a blade slice through the vines that hid your home's entrance. You whimpered slightly as you spotted four turtles with weapons. You made sure not to make a sound.

"Whoa....dudes, is this a house inside a tree? A tree house!" One in an orange mask asked excitedly.

"It looks like someone set up a sort of camp here." The one called Leo said. The one wearing the purple mask, also apparently known as Donnie, looked at your mini engineering work.

"Whoa...guys check this out." He said. The other three looked at it. "Whoever set up camp here clearly knows what they're doing. I've never seen something like this made out of only wood, vines, and such." He said.

"But that doesn't answer who and where this person is!" Raph growled.

"Clam down Raph. We'll find out more soon enough." Leo said.

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